These Fortnite streamers can improve your game

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There’s so much depth to Fortnite, but who should you be watching to improve your game?
Written by Adam CookPublished on
Given the runaway success of Fortnite, it’s no surprise that everyone who live streams games, is doing so with the Battle Royale blast. But the thing is, there’s a lot more depth to the game than people think. How do you build the best bases, and what style of player suits you best? These questions can be answered by watching the best of the best.
This is even more important now, because Epic Games are updating Battle Royale at a phenomenal rate, bringing new ideas into the fray and forcing us to relearn things we thought we had down. Will the new Port-a-Fort be a viable tool, or is it for the noobs out there? These are the streamers that will help you improve, blow your minds, or just give you a good laugh. Worth noting, by the way, a lot of these streamers use strong language, so be mindful when watching streams at work, you naughty people.


Let’s start with the obvious choice: Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is beloved for so many reasons. Firstly, he’s out to have a good time. He has a laugh with the game and invites his fans to play with him, which is definitely an easy way to improve if you’re lucky enough to get the chance. But the most important reason is that he’s just incredibly good at the game. He focuses more on aggression, and while he can certainly build with the best of the them, his playing style is about taking names and Victory Royales – which he does frequently. We spoke to him recently, too, and he even let us in on his favourite loadouts, so there’s something to get you thinking. He’s the biggest streamer around right now, and has over 5m followers on Twitch alone. You’ll definitely learn something watching him play.

Myth (TSM_Myth)

First up, it’s worth noting that Myth uses a lot more colourful language than Ninja, but we have to recommend him because of his building abilities. Many people don’t like pyramid-building units, for example, but Myth manages to edit these builds into a downward staircase, giving more cover. This may seem like a simple tip, but because we’re not all pros like this guy, we’ve thrown down a pyramid by mistake – his tip saves us materials and gives us that cover we meant to have in the first place. He shares tips with his fans regularly, plays both teams and solo, so there’s lots to see and learn. This guy is the king of Fortnite building.


As a friend of Ninja, you know he's going to be good. However, one thing he's better at is showing how things are done. In his streams you'll see the standard face-cam and viewer counts, but DrLupo also has a camera set up showing his keyboard and mic as he plays. This doesn't mean you're going to be able to emulate his actions instantly, but it does mean you're going to get to see how quickly things need to happen for you to succeed. DrLupo is all about the wins, so there's less flippancy than you might get elsewhere. What he lacks in over-the-top entertainment, he makes up for in skill. He streams every day bar Wednesdays, so sit back and enjoy.


While CDNThe3rd is as good as the others we’ve listed so far, we’re putting him on this list because he’s highly entertaining, looking to have fun all-stream. On top of that, he also does a lot of custom games with his fans, and this gives strange parameters and different ways to play. It’s always good to try new things and CDN definitely champions that idea.


While he may not be as well known as Ninja, Daequan was one of the first people to exploit the double-shotgun issue. If you’re so on top of your game that something you do means the developers have to change the meta by updating or removing something, well, you must be pretty good. He plays more than just Fortnite, dabbling in PUBG as well.


As a console players, AlexRamiGaming brings a new dimension to play. His videos have titles which boast his skills and he’s got solo wins in the thousands. He mixes up his stream with other games now and then, but mostly it’s Fortnite on PS4. He dedicates entire streams to testing out the new mechanics (recently he did it with the guided missile update) and generally seems like a good player. One to watch, for sure, both for the future, and with your eyes… right now.


Want to see high level play with a mix of emoting right in the enemy’s face? Dakotaz has your back in this case. Impulse grenade jumps, enjoying hilarious bugs, rocket riding, but getting the job done with loads of Victory Royales. If you’re looking for some tips to give you the edge, get Dakotaz followed.
With so many top streamers providing excellent, Fortnite-related content, the only thing left for you to do is watch, and learn.