A Rookies Cup champion has been crowned

MotoGP™: Inside Pass S2 E14

Pedro Acosta won the 2020 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup and as a special treat, Vanessa has arranged for Brad Binder to answer some of Pedro's questions about moving up from the Rookies Cup to Moto3.
MotoGP - Inside Pass S2 E1 Art
All access in Qatar
10 min
Join host Vanessa Guerra for the first round of the season at the Losail International Circuit in Qatar.
Inside Pass S2020 E2
Back to racing in Jerez
15 min
Vanessa Guerra is back with another MotoGP™️ Inside Pass, this time from the Spanish GP in Jerez.
Tetsuta Nagashima is seen during the MotoGP World Championship in Jerez, Spain.
Racing in the Spanish heat
10 min
Vanessa Guerra is in Jerez, Spain, for the second race of the 2020 season to learn about life in the paddock.
MotoGP- Inside Pass - Czech Republic S2 E4 Art
Behind the scenes in Brno
10 min
Vanessa Guerra gets a unique look at Brno from a hot air balloon ahead of the Czech GP.
Moto GP Inside Pass S2 E5 Art
Andrea Dovizioso wins in Austria
16 min
Vanessa Guerra is back with another MotoGP™️ Inside Pass, coming to you from the Red Bull Ring, Austria.
MotoGP Inside Pass S2 E6 Art
Drone racing and river rafting
17 min
Vanessa Guerra joins Álex Márquez before he races a drone, then goes rafting with presenter Dominika Grnova.
MotoGP- Inside Pass S2 E7 Art
An unpredictable season
17 min
Ever wondered if the MotoGP riders are good at other sports too? Find out!
MotoGP- Inside Pass S2 E8 Art
Go-karting at the Emilia Romangna GP
15 min
The Emilia Romangna Grand Prix in Italy was just like the rest of the races this season, very unpredictable.
MotoGP - Inside Pass S2 E9 Art
Jack Miller gives a lesson in riding flat-track
16 min
Ahead of the Catalunya Circuit, Vanessa finds a bit of flat-track action at a local circuit.
MotoGP- Inside Pass S2 E10 Art
A different kind of two-wheeled action in France
16 min
Vanessa gets a lesson in BMX while at the Circuit Des 24 Heures Du Mans for 2020 MotoGP Championship.
MotoGP - Inside Pass S2 E11 Art
TikTok dances in Aragon
17 min
Welcome to another 'under-the-hood' look at the 2020 MotoGP™️ paddock where riders let their guard down.
MotoGP - Inside Pass S2 E12 Art
Racing as a Red Bull Rookie
16 min
Vanessa introduces us to current the current Red Bull Rookies Cup leader, Pedro Acosta.
MotoGP- Inside Pass S2 E13 Art
Riding in style
18 min
Vanessa heads to the MotoGP™ paddock for the usual shenanigans, this week we talk about riding style.
MotoGP- Inside Pass S2 E14 Art
A Rookies Cup champion has been crowned
16 min
Vanessa is in Valencia for the second race and arranges a special meeting between Pedro Acosta and Brad Binder.