Wide Boyz

Reel Rock S1 E5

Climbing wide cracks is a brutal and especially American pursuit practised by few. Now two Brits, Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker, the Wide Boyz, travel to the USA to take on the wide crack challenge.

Title art for climbing video series Reel Rock.
La Dura Dura
21 min
A legendary climber and the young phenom hot on his heels team up to send the world's hardest route.
Race for The Nose
21 min
A rivalry for the speed record up The Nose of El Capitan pushes climbers to their limits.
Sketchy Andy
21 min
Andy Lewis is the genius who transforms slacklining into a full-blown art form and adventure sport.
The Swiss Machine
21 min
Ueli Steck is one of the world's fastest climbers. Setting The Eiger speed record is his next goal.
Wide Boyz
21 min
A pair of British climbers invade America to take on the toughest offwidth climbs in the country.
Obe and Ashima
21 min
A former child climbing star finds new purpose by coaching a nine-year-old bouldering prodigy.
Ice revolution
21 min
A pair of veteran ice climbers find the ultimate challenge in a massive cave in Canada.
The sensei part 1
21 min
Legendary climber Yuji Hirayama enlists a young partner to help him with a swan-song summit.
The sensei part 2
21 min
Daniel Woods has proven himself. Now he and his sensei, Yuji Hirayama, head to untapped peaks in Borneo.
Spice girl
21 min
Hazel Findlay is smashing the idea of a 'traditional Brit climber' and doing it as hard as the men.
High tension
41 min
A violent altercation on Mount Everest uncovers deep-seated tensions between climbers and Sherpas.
Chris Sharma climbs at the Mediterranean Sea
King lines part 1
21 min
Climber Chris Sharma starts a quest to make first ascents of the greatest unclimbed walls on Earth.
King lines part 2
21 min
After failing to conquer a formidable Mediterranean deep-sea arch, Chris Sharma vows to regroup and return.