Red Bull 400

Running 400m doesn't sound like much of a challenge, does it? But what if you were to run those 400m at a height gain close to 140m and as a pure uphill sprint? That's a race guaranteed to put your calves, quads and endurance to the ultimate test.

After 36 editions over the past seven years, Red Bull 400 is set to conquer 17 ski jumps across Asia, Europe and North America, putting racers from every continent under the most grueling physical pressure they'll ever face. Besides introducing four new venues in 2018, the official Red Bull 400 World Championships will be held for the second time in August, at Bischofshofen in Austria.

Warm up your leg muscles and gear up for the hardest 400m of your life!

Back in 2011 the idea of a reverse usage of a ski jump facility for was born in Austria with just a bunch of mountain and staircase runners.

Today ambitious athletes from all over the world come to join Red Bull 400, an unbelievably intense race, and can participate in two main categories: full-distance solo for men and women and a co-ed relay (4x100 for men and mixed gender). Variations are possible (e.g. ‘fire fighters’) and differ from venue to venue.