Participant performs during Red Bull King of the Air, Cape Town, South Africa, on December 5, 2023

Red Bull King of the Air

South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

23 November – 8 December 2024





The world’s best kiteboarders take to Kite Beach, South Africa. Over the past 12 years, Red Bull King of the Air has become THE marquee big air kiteboarding event of the year.

This year marks the 12th year of Red Bull King of the Air being hosted in Cape Town, South Africa. 18 of the world’s best kiteboarders will descend upon the Mother City for some massive air and huge scores. Red Bull King of the Air is the world’s premier Big Air kiteboarding contest, featuring invited riders from around the globe. Riders are judged based on the height of their jumps, variety of tricks, and style.
Kite Beach in Table View is known as the Capetonian Mecca of Kitesurfing. The beach is perfectly angled for riders to make the most of the prevailing Summer Southeasterly wind (affectionately known as the Cape Doctor) as well as the Westerly swell needed to provide the ramps for the kiters to launch off.
The event first took place in Hawaii in the early 2000s before moving to Cape Town in 2013. It has served as the single biggest driver of progression in the sport of Big Air kiteboarding, with riders pushing the limits of amplitude, variety, execution and difficulty grade of the tricks to earn the crown. Check out what has happened in past events.