Artwork for Red Bull Kumite 2024

Red Bull Kumite

United States

Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse, United States

16 – 17 March 2024





Red Bull Kumite 2024 saw 16 video game players from all over the world gather in New York City to discover the best Street Fighter 6 player on the planet, with MenaRD reigning supreme to take the title.

Prestigious fighting game invitational tournament Red Bull Kumite set up its cage in Brooklyn for its ninth edition, with MenaRD displaying some ruthless consistency to take the title.
With the world's top Street Fighter 6 players duking it out in a best of nine matches format, all eyes were on Brooklyn's Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse to see who would come out on top of the single-elimination tournament.
The round of 16 saw some intense matchups, such as returning champ Big Bird facing off against one of the Five Gods of Fighting Games, Tokido. In the end, it was the new blood that took victory, with Big Bird's now infamous Marisa putting Tokido's Ken to bed with a 5-1 result. Elsewhere, up-and-coming star Shin 'Leshar' Moon-sup moved forward against Oil King and an all-Japanese match-up saw Tsunehiro 'Gachikun' Kanamori put away Masato 'Bonchan' Takahashi in convincing fashion
In the Grand Finals, fans bore witness to a clinical dismantling of NuckleDu’s Guile, as MenaRD was almost flawless in using Blanca to tear apart his opponent in a perfect 5-0 victory. In one of the most dominant-ever Red Bull Kumite final match-ups, MenaRD's focus never wavered as he dominated one of the game's most iconic players round-by-round.
"I dared to dream, to dream that my fantasy would become real,” MenaRD said on his victory. “This is what I shared, good moments and good gameplay. But I also had to do my job and I’m glad I was able to do it."
Watch all the highlights in the player below.
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