Artwork for Red Bull Kumite 2024

Red Bull Kumite

United States

Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse, United States

16 – 17 March 2024





The time has arrived for 16 video game players from all over the world to gather in New York City to discover the best Street Fighter 6 player on the planet. Welcome to Red Bull Kumite 2024.

Register to attend Red Bull Kumite in person in New York - note early bird tickets are now sold out. The prestigious fighting game invitational tournament will be setting up its cage in Brooklyn for its ninth edition.
Overview of the view of Red Bull Kumite at University of Pretoria's Rembrandt Hall, in Pretoria, South Africa, on July 2, 2023.

Get set for Red Bull Kumite 2024

© Mpumelelo Macu/Red Bull Content Pool

A total of 16 players will duke it out on Capcom's Street Fighter 6 in a fierce battle of wills to determine the overall winner at Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse in Brooklyn. A single-elimination bracket, in a 'best of 9' matches format, will ensue until there is only one player left standing as Red Bull Kumite champion.
Fourteen of the 16 players participating in Red Bull Kumite will be an invited roster of players, meaning there will be two remaining spots to fill. These spots will be given to the winners of the Red Bull Kumite Last Chance Qualifier and Red Bull Kumite Play-In tournaments, which take place at the Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse the day before, on Saturday, March 16.
The Last Chance Qualifier will see 256 players compete for one single spot and is open to the public for registration. If you want to take part register here.
The remaining spot for the Main Event will be determined by the winner of the Play-In tournament, where eight players who have qualified from World Qualifier tournaments will compete against each other.
Last year's Red Bull Kumite winner Adel 'Big Bird' Anouche has already been confirmed as one of the 14 invited players for this year's tournament. Check back here or visit @redbullgaming on X or Instagram for further details on who is taking part in the months to come.
Red Bull Kumite is an experience to be lived on site, so be sure to secure your spot today!