Red Bull Storm Chase event header image showing a windsurfer flying above ocean waves.

Red Bull Storm Chase

25 January – 31 March 2023





The windsurf contest everyone loves to wait for. It only happens if a proper storm appears, and only then do the riders hit the water – at the perfect time, in the perfect place. For a perfect storm.

The weather window is open until March 31 – keep an eye out for a big low-pressure system in the North Atlantic!


-120 hours

ALERT: Force 10 storm forming. Weather experts track potential paths to determine suitable spots.


WARNING: Spot determined. Storm chasers and crew receive the official notice to start prepping.


PNR: Point of No Return. Last option to cancel in case the storm fades.


TRAVEL: The eight competitors are likely scattered all over the world. Last-minute and overnight flights organised to the location.


PREP: Competitors and crew gather on location and conduct all necessary preparations and safety trainings.


CONTEST: Red Bull Storm Chase is on. Stay tuned for live reports.