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10 bargain wingers for FIFA 17 Career Mode

Looking to upgrade your wing play? These bargains will have you banging in the goals.
Written by Pete Dreyer
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10 bargain wingers for FIFA 17 Career Mode
10 bargain wingers for FIFA 17 Career Mode
Spending money on wingers might be seen as a bit of a lavish extravagance compared to necessary cogs like goalkeepers, centre backs, midfielders and strikers, but if you’re playing FIFA 17 Career Mode without trying to style on your AI opponents, you’re just not doing it right. Get the ball, get it out wide and have some fun with your fastest, trickiest players.
If you’ve been blessed with a huge transfer kitty, then by all means go after the big stars – if you can prise Neymar away from Barcelona, you’ll have yourself the best player in the game for a good few years, and the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Eden Hazard are still available for the right price. Not all of us have that sort of cash lying around in Career Mode, but fear not, because there are still some quality wingers out there that’ll do a great job for a fraction of the price.
Maxwel Cornet
With the likes of Alexandre Lacazette, Nabil Fekir and Maxwel Cornet in their ranks, Olympique Lyonnais are a fantastic choice for Career Mode in FIFA 17. The first two of those will cost you mega bucks if you want to prise them away from Les Gones, but Cornet is a younger, less proven talent and as such, he’ll only cost you around £8 million. He’s already a decent winger at 75 overall – his 86 pace is pretty good for a wide man, and his shooting is actually above par for a winger at his level. Get him onto the training pitch and he’ll grow up to 85 overall, turning into more of a deadly wide forward than a traditional winger.
Kekuta Manneh
We featured Manneh in our MLS Wonderkid round-up from last year for one reason and one reason only – his electric pace. Now, pace is arguably less important in FIFA 17 than in previous versions of the game, but it still matters, and when you have a man with 96 acceleration and 92 sprint speed on your wing, he’s always going to be a threat in behind the opposition defence. Throw in his four star skill moves, his 81 potential and a ludicrously low price of just two and a half million quid, and he’s the definition of a bargain.
Aminu Umar
Following in a long line of Nigerian strikers with searing pace, Umar has been blazing a trail through the Turkish league with Osmanlispor, haunting defenders with 90 acceleration and 88 sprint speed. At 74 overall with 81 dribbling, 83 balance and 87 agility, Umar is ready to fight for a starting spot in most starting XIs if you buy him for £7 million. But he also has another 10 points of growth, which we’d recommend putting into his passing and shooting stats to build him into an all round juggernaut of a wide man.
Kylian Mbappe Lottin
Monaco’s Mbappe Lottin is less of a finished product than many of the players on this list, but he’s fantastic value for money if you’re willing to put some time and effort into his development. His 81 sprint speed and 82 pace isn’t the quickest around, but it’s still perfectly quick enough to make him a threat, and the rest of his stats will grow massively as he goes from 71 to 87 overall. If you’re looking for a more technical winger to fit into your intricate attacking play, Mbappe Lottin might be your man, and he’ll only cost you around £5 million.
Valentino Lazaro
Salzburg’s young Austrian is another player with a nice combination of good pace and dribbling stats. His pace hangs around the 85 mark, whilst his 77 dribbling, 75 ball control and four star skill moves are all very useful indeed, thanks very much. He’s a threat from range as well thanks to 73 long shots and 72 shot power, and best of all, he has plenty of room to grow, with a potential overall of 84. Yours for just £3.4 million.
10 bargain wingers for FIFA 17 Career Mode
10 bargain wingers for FIFA 17 Career Mode
Leon Bailey
More pace now, courtesy of Jamaican teenager Leon Bailey. Currently plying his trade at Genk in Belgium, Bailey isn’t just a speedboat with no driver, he has some great technical stats, he’s a serviceable free kick taker thanks to his 73 free kick accuracy and 75 curve, and he can strike a ball too, with 77 long shots and 79 shot power. At just 18 years old, he has over a decade of quality football ahead of him, and he’ll grow up to around 86 overall in time. That’s not a massive overall rating, but we’d argue that with all his stats in the right places, that makes him one of the most talented wingers in world football, and he can be yours for just £9 million.
Vaclav Cerny
A Career Mode favourite from many a FIFA gone by, Vaclav Cerny is still top of our list whenever we start a new game, and with good reason. 87 acceleration, 84 sprint speed, 90 balance and 92 agility make him a real handful on either wing, and he’ll grow into a world class winger thanks to his 86 potential overall. Grab him at the beginning of your transfer window before any other clubs come calling, and you can nab Cerny for around £2 million. A steal.
Steven Bergwijn
Bergwijn was a cheap talent in FIFA 16, and he’s still a top purchase for anyone looking for a young winger to nurture into a world class talent. He’s comparable to Manneh in many respects – although he doesn’t have the same electric pace, he makes up for it with a more technical skillset, and a higher potential overall of 84. Given that he’ll cost you just £3 million at the beginning of the game, that’s nothing to be sniffed at, and you can train him into whatever sort of wide man you need.
Juan Pablo Anor
Remember what we were saying about pace not being quite as deadly in FIFA 17 as previous years? Well, Juan Pablo Anor doesn’t get at defenders quite as aggressively as many other wingers on this list – he only has three star skill moves, and pace stats around the 70 mark – but he makes up for that in other ways. He still has excellent dribbling and ball control stats, but he’s also a threat from set pieces thanks to his 74 free kick accuracy, he can hit a ball from range, and he’s an excellent passer too, with 76 short passing, 73 long passing and 77 vision. He’ll cost you £10 million if you want to nab him off Malaga, but with 86 potential, he’s more than worth the investment.
Matheus Pereira
Sporting’s Pereira has it all when it comes to bargain wingers – enough pace to furrow the brow of any defence in the world, 80 dribbling and four star skill moves, 72 finishing and 77 shot power, and he can even take a decent penalty too. When we tell you that he’s available for just six and a half million pounds, it sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Trust us, it’s not, and what’s more, he’ll grow 12 points from 74 to 86 overall.
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