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Following takes us into the wild world of big wave warrior Ian Walsh

From preparing his equipment for XXL waves to giving his boards their first test drives, this is an insight into a surfer's thoroughly prepared existence.
Written by Chris Binns
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As the Northern winter rolls around again, we launch last year’s fly-on-the-wall Following edit from the crew at Inherent Bummer. They first met up with Ian Walsh at home in Maui before following him across the Pacific to surf Mavericks in California, with good friends and fellow chargers Kai Lenny and Lucas 'Chumbo' Chianca.
Hit play above and enter the world of the wave warrior now.
Three incredible surfers at the peak of their powers, breaking down the nuts and bolts of their crazy way of life, makes for fascinating viewing.
It’s an eye-opening look at what goes on in the world of modern big wave surfers, who live their lives at the whim of the weather and need to be ready to drop everything and go at the first sign of a storm front.
We’ve all seen the dramatic images of surfing’s gladiators taming monsters in the middle of the ocean, but have you seen the 4am wake-ups, the endless wrestling of huge board bags through airports and the shivering pre-dawn car park rev up sessions?
Watch the video for a glimpse into a surfer's life.