Freestyle MTB-style in Switzerland

MTB Dirt Jump is included for the first time as an official contest at in Switzerland

Yannick Granieri in Whistler
Yannick Granieri in Whistler© Scott Serfas/Red Bull Content Pool

Featuring Red Bull riders Martin Söderström, Yannick Granieri and Szymon Godziek, some sick slopestyle action and a ton of airtime is guaranteed during the two days of riding. is an invitational contest which means only invited riders are allowed to participate in Saturday’s qualification event.

The riders’ committee select 12 riders to create the best possible line-up. The riders will each have two runs with the best one counting towards the final result and what they hope will be a place in Sunday’s four-man final on September 23.

See a 3D representation of the set-up below. For more information on the event visit

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