Yuksek still has the touch with a sunny playlist

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Written by Chris Parkin
Returning French disco man Yuksek has an exclusive mix just for you.
French DJ and producer Yuksek
French DJ and producer Yuksek
On the face of it, it might look like French producer and songwriter Pierre-Alexandre Busson – aka French touch innovator Yuksek – has been enjoying a quiet time of it since releasing his second album Living On The Edge Of Time in 2011. But he hasn't exactly been twiddling his thumbs.
Since winning legions of fans with his killer French disco debut Away From The Sea in 2009, and his icier follow-up, Yuksek has focussed on other passions: producing and remixing other artists (including Lana Del Rey, Phoenix, M83 and Gorillaz), releasing music on his Party Fine label and making music for film and TV. After rekindling interest in his own music, though, he's back with a third album.
Out now, Nous Horizon was inspired by trips to California, as well as Brazililan and African music, and his perennial favourite: '70s disco instrumentals. It's an album of sun-dappled disco and house that veers between proggy complexity and nuanced and utterly euphoric.
Before you head off and listen to it though, listen to the playlist below that Yuksek has put together to help you through the week.
"I love DJing more and more. There's a lot of new music coming, interesting new labels, millions of oldies to discover – it's super exciting," he says "These are tracks from today, yesterday and tomorrow. I play some of them a lot – and hope to find the right time to play some of the others."


Phillipi And Rodriguo – Mantra
Destino – Loopo
Woolfy – Neeve (Permanent Vacation remix)
Caribou – Leave House (Motor City Drum Ensemble remix)
Franck Agrario – Medecine Man (Richard Rossa remix)
Body Music – Just One
Ten Ven – Lick
Bobby Thurston – You Got What It Takes
Fatnotronic And Inflagranti – Botoque
Nicola Cruz – Cantos De Vision
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