The defining moments of G2 Esports’ LEC 2020 Summer Season

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Find out how G2 overcame adversity to qualify for the LEC playoffs once again.
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They had to do it the hard way, but G2 Esports have once again qualified for the LEC playoffs and look to be in a good position as we head towards Worlds. G2 fans have become used to seeing their team dominate the competition in recent years, so there were moments during the Summer Season that would’ve come as a surprise. Still, a third place finish with a record of 11-7 is no mean feat, so here we take a look at the moments that defined G2’s campaign.

G2 Esports vs MAD Lions – Week 1

G2’s very first game of the Summer Season was against the team they played against the most in spring, MAD Lions. Making a statement at the start of the season was a top priority for G2 after they had to come through the lower bracket of the Spring Playoffs. Doing so against the team that forced them down into the playoffs would be even sweeter.
Back in spring, MAD Lions beat G2 3-2 in the first round of playoffs, which was an unexpected result to say the least. G2 had to dig deep in order to pick themselves up and power through the lower bracket and got their revenge over MAD Lions in the semi-finals. A 3-0 sweep of Fnatic in the grand finals ended up being one of the easiest matches they played, as they rode their momentum to a fourth LEC title in a row.
More revenge was on the cards against MAD Lions in Week 1 of the Summer Season. Luka ‘Perkz’ Perkovic, now back in the bot lane after swapping roles in spring, was invincible on Varus and it was a very swift and stylish win for G2, with the kill scores at 22-5 when the Nexus fell after just 27 minutes.
The win was even more impressive given the context of the rest of the season, which saw MAD Lions come back strong to actually finish above G2 in the final standings.

G2 Esports vs Excel Esports – Week 4

The rest of the opening weekend wasn’t as good for G2, with losses against Origen and Vitality leaving them in the bottom half of the table. It got better over the next couple of weeks and a win over old foes Fnatic was a highlight, however Week 4 was the start of an extremely bad run of form that threatened their entire season.
With Perkz taking a short break from the game for personal reasons, Kristoffer ‘P1noy’ Albao Lund Pedersen had to step into his very large shoes. He'd helped them to a win over Misfits Gaming the day before, but against Excel, the lack of team cohesion was one of the reasons things started to fall apart. It was a tough game against a team G2 were expected to beat and things remained rough for the next couple of weeks.
After losing to Excel, G2 lost three more games in a row against Origen, MAD Lions and bottom-placed team Schalke 04. They finished Week 5 down in joint sixth place, a full four games behind the leaders MAD Lions and Rogue.
Just like in the Spring Playoffs, G2 found themselves in an unfamiliar position. For two years they'd been the team at the top with other players looking up at them. Now, they had to scrap with four or five other teams to even make it to the playoffs. They tried to keep things light using the 'Hakuna Matata' meme to show they weren’t worried, but tensions must have been high. Even though they had won the Spring Season, not making it to the Summer Playoffs would mean they wouldn't even have a chance of getting to Worlds.

G2 Esports vs Rogue – Week 6

G2’s redemption arc started in Week 6 with their win over Rogue, another team who were at the top of the standings all season long and ended up automatically qualifying for Worlds thanks to their first place finish.
It was not the cleanest of wins and in fact it was Rogue who got more kills and more dragons during the game, but G2 ended up coming out on top with an amazing comeback. Somehow, despite being 3k gold behind, G2 won a team-fight in the mid-lane, took Baron off the back of it and then pushed all the way for the victory.
A picture of Luka ‘Perkz’ Perkovic and Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther
G2’s Summer Season had its ups and downs, but they’re in the playoffs
It was a win that ended their loss streak and actually kickstarted a win streak that would last until the end of the season. G2 won all of their remaining games and went from being at risk of missing the playoffs entirely to being in a good position heading into those all-important best-of-fives.

G2 Esports vs SK Gaming – Week 8

Although G2 had turned their fortunes around, nothing was locked in as the final week of the Summer Season rolled around. They still had work to do, and it was a 'superweek' containing three games, which G2 haven’t always fared well in, historically. Thankfully, they bucked that trend when it mattered.
A win over SK Gaming would be enough to qualify for playoffs and they did it with ease. Caps didn’t die once on his way to an 8/0/5 game with Syndra and the team kill scores were 19-9 by the end.
For the second time this year, G2 showed that they can come back from adversity even stronger than before. They won the rest of their games in superweek too, qualifying for playoffs with room to spare.
G2 Esports are on a roll right now and the other teams in the playoffs need to be wary. They have huge momentum and are looking much more like their former championship-winning selves. They’ve had a few blips along the way, but G2 are more than ready to qualify for Worlds, where they’ll be looking to prove once again that they’re the best team in Europe – and perhaps more.