G2 Esports pose for a portrait during Week 1 of the League of Legends European Championship Summer Season at the LEC Studio in Berlin, Germany
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Reigning champions G2 Esports storm LEC Summer superweek with a 3-0 lead

The League of Legends European Championship is back, kicking off the Summer Season with a superweek that didn’t disappoint for fans of reigning champions G2 Esports.
Written by Miri Teixeira
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After a hectic Mid-Season Invitational and a Spring Season that kept us on our toes, the LEC 2022 Summer Season has kicked off with some exceptional matches. One team shone out above the rest even in Week One, curbing the competition at every opportunity and standing out with an unblemished record. The team? G2 Esports.
We're used to seeing G2 dominate, but the team exploded onto the Rift taking no prisoners this past week. After Patch 12.11 threatened to slow things down, G2 amped up their abilities and shot out of the gate with win after win from the very first game on day one. Over the course of the weekend, they held their own against Excel Esports, Astralis, and Rogue – keeping the games fast-paced and a wonder to watch, in classic G2 style.
G2 first faced off against Astralis in the superweek in an intense game that had everyone on the edge of their seats. Day two saw a return to a Spring rivalry, as Rogue and G2 faced off once again, resulting in a thrilling game with a clear-cut winner. Finally, to round things out with Day three, Excel took on the reigning European champions in what would turn out to be an unusually one-sided game.

Day One

With a revamped roster for Summer, including the return of Tamás ‘Vizicsacsi’ Kiss to the LEC studio, Astralis struck first and landed first blood, taking out Marcin 'Jankos' Jankowski in a side swipe that pushed the tension up even higher. G2 managed to carefully work their way up to a 4k gold lead, but seemed hesitant for a moment, with fans wondering when they would get their fight. Suddenly, the fight arrived, and G2 picked off four members of Astralis in one fell swoop, an astonishing move that turned the game on its head in an instant. Marching back through the Rift, G2 managed to secure an even bigger gold lead, claiming a Baron at around 30 minutes in.
In true G2 fashion, every single fan was kept on tenterhooks as they risked it all in a 50/50 that ultimately fell in their favour. With their Baron buffs and newfound confidence, they secured a win at 34 minutes, in a game that saw them return to full fighting form.
G2 Esports in action during Week 1 of the 2022 League of Legends European Championship Summer Season at the LEC Studio on June 17 2022 in Berlin, Germany
G2 is the only team left with a 100 percent win rate in this Summer Season

Day Two

G2’s second game was a contentious one. The two Spring finalists, G2 and Rogue, went head-to-head for the first time since G2's 3-0 victory in April. As expected, the two teams kept it tight for the first ten minutes of the game. Whenever one would sneak a lead, the other would counteract, giving them a run for their money and making them work for that gold.
Suddenly, G2 looked to have the upper hand. Done with biding their time, the team lept out of the shadows despite dropping three Drakes in a row. As the Soul Drake appeared, Rasmus 'Caps' Winther appeared from the sidelines and secured it for G2, pushing Rogue away in time for the Baron to appear. G2 quickly swept the Baron, using the buff and a newly found 10k lead to rain down on Rogue one final time.
The game was a close call for a while, but Rogue quickly conceded to G2 once their strategy was in place. Looking forward to day three, G2 now had to face off against Excel, another team with a 2-0 record so far.

Day Three

Excel leaped into Summer with a strong showing thus far, and with former G2 support Mihael ‘Mikyx’ Mehle gelling with Patrik ‘Patrik’ Jírů in the bot lane, it looked like the British team could finally go the distance.
G2 showed incredible form right from the start, however, as they claimed First Blood over Excel and secured an early lead. They began to rack up the gold lead, acing a Drake, and leaving Excel floundering. It took a full 33 minutes, but G2 finally brought the fight to Excel and hit them where it hurt, wiping out three of their players while pushing into their base.
G2 crushed two inhibitors and left only to collect a Baron and Soul Drake, putting a stylish end to a game that had seemed strangely effortless.
At this point, G2 are now the only team in the Summer Season to hold a 100 percent win record. With seven weeks still to go, it's anybody's guess where G2 will end up, but if their current form is anything to go by, they could see themselves crowned as Europe's champions once again.