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G2 Gozen land third Valorant Game Changers trophy with a perfect run

G2 Gozen have won Valorant Game Changers EMEA Series 2 without losing a single game. Here's how it went down.
Written by Ric Cowley
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G2 Gozen are unstoppable – literally. After an incredible performance in the Valorant 2022 Game Changers EMEA Series 1 earlier this year, which saw them take the trophy and lose just one game in the final, they've taken their achievements to the next level, scoring a perfect run in the Series 2 Main Event, winning every single game they played.
Not only that, but only two of their games went into overtime, with the rest all wrapped up in regular time with a clear lead from G2. It's a stunning feat pulled off by a team at the absolute top of their game, winning back-to-back-to-back titles – here's how it all happened.

Total domination

Right from the outset of the Main Event, G2 Gozen looked completely in control of the tournament. Their first game of the tournament against Turkish team Beşiktaş Esports Female ended in a 13-2 win on Ascent for G2 Gozen, with the team taking 10 wins on the defence side before nabbing their final three in the first rounds immediately after half-time. The second game saw BJK FE hold on slightly longer than before, but G2 Gozen were still on form, and took the game 13-5 for an easy victory.
It was a similar story for G2 Gozen's next opponent, Futbolist JEFF. The team managed to put up a better fight than their fellow Turkish players in BJK FE, but ultimately FUT JEFF ended up winning only six rounds in each game, with G2 Gozen winning both games 13-6, with near identical round wins on either side of half-time.
The first real stumbling block – if you could call it that, knowing what we know now – was G2 Gozen's old rivals Guild X. This was the same team that had faced off against G2 in the Game Changer Series 1 Finals earlier this year, and now they were paired up with each other in the third round of the Upper Bracket. And to make things more interesting, Guild X had recently added former G2 Gozen player Anja 'aNNja' Vasalic to their line-up.
G2 had already come up against Guild X in the qualifying rounds, and surprisingly lost – though the defeat hadn't been enough to keep them out of the competition. And Guild X were clearly looking to do the same this time around, pushing G2 to their first overtime of the Main Event.
But the problems ended there, with G2 nabbing the first two overtime rounds with little effort. And after that, G2 refused to let Guild X find their footing again, and handily defeated them 13-9 after an incredible run on defence that ended 9-3 before the sides were swapped.

Back in the saddle

After that brief dalliance with overtime, G2 were clearly not interested in pushing their games any longer than they needed to. They stormed into the Upper Bracket Final against Rix.GG Lightning and immediately took six rounds on the trot before RIX L were able to pick up a single round. The battle was a little less one-sided from there, but G2 still proved to be the dominant force, ultimately winning the first game 13-7.
RIX L came back swinging in their second game on Icebox, picking up four wins before G2 were able to find a round of their own to secure, and with scores at 8-4 to RIX at half-time, things weren't looking as solid for G2. Right up until they walked back onto Icebox and secured nine consecutive rounds, that is. Finishing up 13-8 with an undefeated run on defence, G2 had only one team left to defeat to win the trophy for the third time in a row – Guild X.
Guild X had risen up the Lower Bracket to book themselves a place in the finals, but G2 weren't prepared to give up any ground when the first game started. The team stormed straight onto Breeze and picked up five rounds in a row, before GLD retorted with six of their own. The first half of the game ended in a dead draw, but G2 came back strong on the defence side to end it 13-8 without much danger from GLD.
Game 2 on Ascent was a different story. GLD held strong on the attacker side, picking up eight rounds, while G2 could only find four. With the sides swapped and G2 now on the attack, the team finally found their footing after losing two more rounds and went on an eight-round winning streak. Sadly, GLD pushed them to overtime before G2 could wrap the match up, but just four rounds later G2 had a clear lead and another game to their name.
With one game left to go, the battle got a lot more intense. Game 3 on Icebox saw no clear leader for much of its duration, with G2 and GLD trading wins back and forth, and no team managing more than a three-round win streak. G2 ended the first half of the game 7-5 up, and managed to keep ahead for the rest of the game.
The final round came with G2 at 12 wins and GLD at 10 – still anyone's game in the fast-paced world of Valorant. But it was one player's game in particular – Julia 'juliano' Kiran. After a tense opening minute, GLD found themselves stacked up in A Site, with G2 slowly approaching from all sides. But juliano was already close by and up high, and with an incredible display of accuracy – and some help from Zainab 'zAAz' Turkie – juliano took down every single member of GLD and wrapped up the tournament with a superb ace.
That final win means that G2 Gozen have won the last three Game Changer series in a row, and remain indisputably the best all-female Valorant team in the region. The squad have proven time and again that their five players are always the ones to beat, and that there isn't a single weak link on the team. But with three massive victories under their belt, this team will have every other organisation gunning for them in the future. Don't be surprised to see other teams start shoring up their squads specifically to take down G2 Gozen in the future.