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Join Gabriel Villarán uncovering hidden hometown waves in Searching Peru

Peruvian icon Gabriel Villarán loads his car with countrymen, hitches a jetski on the back and hits the road to explore his beloved Peru like never before.
Written by Chris Binns
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In 2021 Peruvian surfer Gabriel Villarán set himself one task – to travel his homeland in search of new waves. After a life spent globetrotting at the whims of the weather, Gabriel decided that he should see the pandemic-induced interruption to regular programming not as a hurdle, but as a chance to truly look around and explore the familiar landscape that had been there for him from the start.
With the blessing and backing of his sponsors, the 36-year-old from the Peruvian capital of Lima looked at the maps, consulted the weather charts, loaded up his car, hitched his jetski on the tow ball and set off with a bunch of friends. This included rippers Cristobal De Col, Luiz Gómez De La Torre, Carlos Mario Zapata and Toto De Romãna, who went in search of every surfer's dream – wild waves and adventure.
To say the team scored would be an understatement, but don't take our word for it, hit play on the video above to soak up a selection of shivering slabs, enticing looking points and the most fun and games you'll find this side of Machu Picchu. We love Gabriel Villarán, and we think you will too once you dive in and take a guided tour of his favourite place on earth. Enjoy!
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