Gachikun is ready to take on Daigo
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Gachikun and Daigo go head-to-head at Capcom season finals

Part of Capcom’s celebration of the season will contain an explosive bout between two of the world's most accomplished Street Fighter players.
Written by Ryan Collins
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Capcom had hoped to close Street Fighter V’s latest season by inviting all of the regional winners from the Capcom Pro Tour 2020 circuit to an offline finale. Despite a change to these plans, Capcom have opted to bring the hype and celebrate the end of the season in style by staging regional exhibitions to showcase the players who’ve either qualified or put up a strong showing.
The Capcom Pro Tour 2020 Season Final is a showcase of talent and top-level action, squeezing out the highest quality matches as a send-off. And as part of these fight-card style battles, Daigo 'The Beast' Umehara is pitted against Tsunehiro 'Gachikun' Kanamori.


Daigo has been adjusting his training regime to the quarantine life quite well. He’s constantly streaming his practised quick whiff punishments every day while discovering new methods of strengthening his character Guile. The extra time has also given him the chance to add a variety of characters to his disposal. His no-slouch mentality has led him to numerous victories and top spots at tournaments, with the most important being the Capcom Pro Tour Asia East 1. Taking down Fuudo and his poison pick in a very close bout allowed him to solidify his seat as one of the region’s best.
Daigo’s primary choice of character, Guile, is one of the strongest characters in the game. And with The Beast’s effective whiff punishing style and heavy focus on saving his Critical Art to close out rounds, he brings the warrior’s best.
While there are other characters in Daigo’s roster – such as FANG, Honda, Kage and on rare accounts Ryu – Guile seems like the best fit for this exhibition. The sonic boom slinging soldier is the strongest of the gang and has given Daigo the best results of late.


The circuit last year tested Gachikun’s perseverance. As the meta shifted from the balance patch, the Rashid player had trouble adapting to the character’s new gameplan. This was apparent in the first Capcom Pro Tour Asia East tournament run, where the Capcom Cup champion fell short of qualifying. Determined not to give up, he ran it back at Capcom Pro Tour Asia East 2, decimating the competition by finding new ways to punish and turn defence into attack.
Gachikun’s Rashid is both optimal and confident, which allows him to attack without hesitation. Since momentum is such a big proponent of the character’s strength, the professional player’s ability to capitalise on key moments means keeping pace with him requires perfection. One mistake and it could mean a swift round end.
Though Gachikun has dabbled with other parts of the cast, the majority of his time is spent wearing down challengers with continuous pressure sequences with Rashid. He has all the tools necessary in the turbulent wind to conquer any battle.
Daigo Umehara and Problem X compete in the Red Bull Kumite 2019 Finals in Aichi, Japan on December 22, 2019.
Daigo 'The Beast' Umehara in action

Daigo vs Gachikun

In recent fights, Daigo has seemingly had a slight edge against Gachikun. In fact, in a recent Topanga Concept Match exhibition between the two, Daigo was able to weather the whirlwind pressure and fiercely take down Gachikun. However, no matter if it’s a brief ranked match or a long Battle Lounge brawl, they generally go back and forth on who takes the set.
An exhibition means there’s only one opponent to worry about and that requires players to refine themselves for both the character matchup and the tendencies of their opposition. We’ll find out who takes the prize and the bragging rights on February 20-21!