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Japanese gamer Tachikawa swaps fears for tears

Written by Kevin Fylan
Tachikawa Toru is the irrepressible Japanese gamer who swallowed his fear of flying to give us a real lump-in-throat moment in Paris.

The snapshot:

This is the moment Japan’s Tachikawa Toru broke down in tears of joy after making it back from the brink of elimination to reach the Red Bull Dragon Ball FighterZ World Finals – the pinnacle of the season for the popular fighting game.
Dragon Ball FighterZ player Tachikawa breaks down in tears after winning the LCQ in Paris, February 8 2020
Tachikawa breaks down in tears after winning the LCQ

The big picture:

Tachikawa had suffered a series of heartbreaking disappointments over the course of the World Tour season, but his optimism remained undimmed as he chose to fly 16 hours to Paris to join 200 hopefuls in the Last Chance Qualifier battle – despite his hatred of aeroplanes.

The comeback:

His gamble looked like becoming another failure as Tachikawa came within a single hit of elimination, but he dug in to claim an improbable comeback with a flurry of combos against his rival Kayne.

The tears:

As he nailed his spot in the Finals, Tachikawa dropped his head in his hands and burst into tears – in a moment that reverberated around the esports world. Tachikawa went on to finish top of his group in the Last 16 and went all the way to the semi-finals – further than he’d ever gone before in a big competition.