Run down the history of MOBAs in our infographic

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Ever wondered how eSports' most lucrative genre got started or how League of Legends came to be? Join us as we run through MOBA history in our very own visualisation.
Written by Pieter van HulstPublished on
Face it, MOBA games are huge these days. With League of Legends and Dota 2 drawing millions of players, huge competition prize pools and even more viewers streaming at home, the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre has had an impressive rise – even more so considering that it started off as a humble custom map for Blizzard's StarCraft.
For most MOBA players, Aeon of Strife won't ring a bell, but that StarCraft custom map is the grandfather of the entire genre. It lead to new modes in games like Warcraft III and, eventually whole new titles that are currently played by tens of millions worldwide.
Now, 15 years later, the genre has become an eSports staple, with televised matches on cable channels and players from all over the globe battling it out for prize pools of $23 million. It's serious business, and if you're looking for a primer on the whole genre, we've charted the genre's meteoric rise in the infographic below.
Run through the history of the MOBA game type in this infographic.
Everything you need to know about the MOBA genre
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