Professional surfer from Hawaii Kaikea Elias drops into a huge wave in Mainland Mexico on a raft.

Nothing says summer like Jamie O'Brien, a raft, and huge beachbreak barrels

© Damien Robertson

Watch this video to find out how Jamie O'Brien spends his summers away from the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, riding big tubes by board and blow-up raft just off the coast of Mexico.

When summer rolls around, sane people start buying blow-up rafts to use in the backyard pool or on a calm day at the beach. Jamie O'Brien and his Hawaii-based crew, however, aren't sane. They're not really pool people and they're definitely not calm-day-at-the-beach people. But that doesn't mean they don't enjoy a good pool toy like the rest of us. 

The difference is that when the surfer known as JOB makes his annual pilgrimage to Mainland Mexico to chase huge, dredging beachbreak barrels, he also packs a blow-up raft or three to take out when conditions are at peak insanity. See Exhibit A above. 

If you follow Jamie O'Brien and his long-running and increasingly nuts Red Bull TV series, Who Is JOB, then you probably already know that Jamie and his friends, like Kaikea Elias, enjoy a day out surfing on anything but surfboards. They could be foamies, bodyboards, SUPsquatches – or, in this case, a sturdy pool toy. 

So if you've been waiting for a reason to prepare for summer, we suggest having a look at this edit. It should get you pumped for the silly season ahead.