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Get ready for 60 seconds of speed, skill and all-out Ice Cross racing

With the Red Bull Ice Cross athletes gearing up to lace their skates and don the protective padding for the season opener in Judenburg, we look at all you need to know about the bonkers sport.
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What is it?

Photo of Ice Cross Downhill skaters in action.
Ice Cross Downhill action
The concept is simple. In Ice Cross, four ice skaters hurl themselves down a 700m track at speeds of up to 80kph. Weaving through twists, turns and obstacles, each racer must strive to be the first or second to cross the finish line while avoiding getting wiped out by the others.
Each race is a hectic mix of technical ability, insane levels of guts, and – more often than not – high-speed crashes.
The event was formerly known as Red Bull Crashed Ice, but this season it returns with a new name: Red Bull Ice Cross World Championship. The events are hosted by the All Terrain Skate Cross (ATSX) Federation.
The ice can be natural, in ski resorts, or artificial, at city centre locations. The fastest two racers in each race advance to the next round, until there's a four-rider final in each category (Men, Women, Junior).
Race weekends are categorised as ATSX 250, 500, or 1000, depending on the difficulty of the tracks and how many championship points are up for grabs for the racers.

When is it?

Red Bull’s Ice Cross championships have been compulsive viewing since 2001, and the 2019/2020 season promises to be no different.
The event returns bigger and better than ever with the first stop in Judenburg, Austria on December 28, with the opening night lighting the touchpaper for a 2019/20 season that brings us 12 races across eight countries and three continents.
Tour stops this season include the USA and Japan.
December 28, 2019Judenburg, AustriaATSX 500
January 11, 2020Pra Loup, FranceATSX 500
January 18, 2020Mont Du Lac, USAATSX 500
February 1, 2020Percé, CanadaATSX 250
February 2, 2020Nagano, JapanATSX 100
February 8, 2020Rautalampi, FinlandATSX 500
February 15, 2020Yokohama, JapanATSX 1000
February 22, 2020Le Massif de Charlevoix, CanadaATSX 500
March 7, 2020Igora, RussiaATSX 250

Who are they?

Athletes from a diverse mix of ice-sport backgrounds train hard year-round to get themselves in peak mental and physical condition for the glassy tracks.
The Croxall (Kyle and Scott) and Dallago (Luca and Marco) brothers are the pairs to watch this season, both determined to regain the men's title from American Cameron Naasz, while Canadian stuntwoman Jacqueline Légère and former Swiss figure skater Anaïs Morand take the fight to American Amanda Trunzo, who has stormed to the last two women's titles.
This season also keep your eyes on promising youngsters Johanny 'JoJo' Velasquez from the USA and Finn Mirko Lahti. The pair have already proved their domination in Ice Cross: Lahti a former double Junior World Champion and Velasquez now reigning Junior World Champion.
JoJo Velasquez punches the air as he wins the Junior final at the third stop of the 2018/19 Red Bull Crashed Ice season in Fenway Park, Boston.
JoJo punches the air as he crosses the line ahead of Martin Barrau

How to watch?

If you can’t make it to a live race, the three biggest ATSX 1000 race nights will be broadcast live on Red Bull TV.
There will be 12 races overall across the three different categories of ATSX 250, 500 and 1000.
For more information head over to the brand-new website.