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Last Resort: Transforming abandoned into awesome

A photographic look into transforming abandoned Aspotogan Resort into an awesome skaters’ paradise.
Written by Geoff Padmore
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Grey and silent on an isolated stretch of wild Atlantic coast, battered relentlessly by the cruelty of maritime elements, an old resort hotel stands alone.
For over two decades it has been boarded and shuttered, abandoned and all but forgotten. When construction originally began in 1992, it was destined to be one of the finest seaside resorts in Eastern Canada; a sprawling 175,000 square foot [53,340m2] leisure retreat with 131 rooms overlooking the pristine shores of Nova Scotia. But for reasons unknown, the project went bankrupt only one year later, bringing construction to an abrupt halt. Good work doesn’t come for free, and when the money ran out the construction crew visibly wasted no time vacating. Construction materials, tools and entire blueprints still litter the building, frozen in time just as they were on the day the builders left back in 1993.
Today the building is a shadowy labyrinth of butter-smooth concrete hallways, spaces, ledges and stairs that span across three storeys; a blank canvas for skating that would be brought to life through a little imagination and a healthy mix of blood, sweat and poured concrete. Massive empty rooms are connected by smooth hallways offering long skate lines through the structure with plenty of room to build skateable features using materials found scattered around the building like old air ducts.
Never officially opened to the public, skating here would be the first time anyone had accessed the building.
Join Ryan Decenzo and TJ Rogers, along with friends Joey Brezinski, Cody Lockwood, Nate Lacoste, Nick Moore and Cam Schuster for a sneak peek inside Red Bull Last Resort: Aspotogan and check in on December 4 for the full-length release.

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