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BMXers get creative on old town streets in Croatia

Rovinj, Croatia, one of the most picturesque towns on the Adriatic Sea, becomes a BMX playground for Marin Ranteš, Daniel Dhers and Senad Grosic.
Written by Josipa Galic
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Croatian BMX freestyler Marin Ranteš invited two of his best friends - Daniel Dhers and Senad Grosic – to visit him in Croatia. More succinctly, he told them to come to Rovinj, one of the most beautiful cities in the country, and to bring their BMX bikes with them.
Why? He wanted to show how beautiful Croatia is, and what better way than getting to ride around the streets of Rovinj. The city's old town area is a maze of narrow cobbled streets, lanes and buildings that date back to the 16th century and is a major tourist attraction in Croatia. Anyone who visits can lose themself in this maze of streets, which is no bad thing!
Marin Ranteš, Daniel Dhers and Senad Grosic as seen in Rovinj, Croatia, for the filming of BMX Maze.
Senad Grosic, Marin Ranteš and Daniel Dhers
Given these unique surroundings, Ranteš had the idea of sending Dhers and Grosic, as well as himself, down this labyrinth of rocky streets while having to navigate a myriad of obstacles in place. Ranteš also put BMX ramps in place so he, Dhers and Grosic could put down some tricks as they chase each other down the streets.
Watch them take on the challenge of riding Rovinj's old town by watching the video above, and keep watching to see behind-the-scenes footage about how they went about filming the clip.
Marin Ranteš performing during the filming of BMX Maze in Rovinj, Croatia
Ranteš is a proud Croatian
Challenges are something we always look forward to and this one was really big
The boys started the challenge from the top of the old town at the Church of St. Euphemia, chasing each other down the narrow street while enjoying ramp sessions all the way down to the pier at the bottom of the town. The tight streets of Rovinj have everything you'd expect of such an old town – stairs, tunnels, tight turns as well the odd clothesline or moped getting in the way.
"I wanted to have my best friends with me in one of my favourite cities. Challenges are something we always look forward to, and this one was really big. It was an experience I've never had before," said Ranteš.
Senad Grosic rides on the streets of Rovinj for the BMX Maze project in Croatia.
Nothing gets in the way of a good ride!
Senad Grosic with a ramp transfer on the streets of Rovinj for the BMX Maze project in Croatia.
Don't get caught by the clothes line
Ranteš, Dhers and Grosic's friendship goes back some years. Venezuelan Dhers and Austrian Grosic have helped Ranteš progress in his career since he emerged on the scene. They've been his mentors as well as training partners. Ranteš and Dhers are particularly close. The Croat athlete has stayed and trained at Dhers's Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex facility in North Carolina in the United States several times. They are also both often competing at the same BMX Park competitions across the world.
While Dhers and Grosic had brakes on their BMX, Ranteš famously rides without brakes. So on a route that goes downhill a lot, this was an added a bit of complexity to riding, especially on the slippery stone cobbles that prevail in much of Rovinj's old town. Ranteš found a way, though.
"The surface was really demanding. We had to be really accurate on landing to pull this through. Also, while riding down the streets, it was really slippery, which was another big challenge, and Marin didn’t even have brakes," said Dhers.
Senad Grosic with a backflip on his BMX in Rovinj, Croatia.
The sun sets on Rovinj and this project
The project was filmed over five days in the middle of the tourist season in the early morning or just before the end of the day when there weren't many people around.
"There were no dangerous situations. We were a team, and we did everything to make the ride safe for everyone. There were no difficulties, and we were able to complete everything in the right way," Ranteš concludes.