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Zero reward: Marracash's 64 Bars to soundtrack new Netflix series
The Italian rap king's track, originally recorded for Red Bull 64 Bars, features on Zero, a new Netflix series premiering on April 21.
Written by Claudio Biazzetti
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If you thought Marracash's first track for Red Bull 64 Bars, where he collaborated with Crookers and Nic Sarno, couldn't be surpassed, he's proved you wrong. Produced by trusted associate Marz, not only is his latest 64 Bars two minutes of pure, unquenchable fire, but it's also been picked up by Netflix to soundtrack the global streaming platform's new series, Zero. Check it out in the player above.
Written by Antonio Dikele Distefano, Zero is the story of a young man with an extraordinary super power: becoming invisible. He's not a superhero per se, but a modern hero who learns about his powers when Barrio, the district on the outskirts of Milan he wants to escape from, is in danger.
Italian rapper Marracash poses for a portrait alongside producer Marz.
Marracash and producer Marz

The story of the track

Marracash kicks the track off by spitting: "Pa-pa-pa-partito da zero cash" ("Sta-sta-sta-started with zero cash") and with this line, he shows himself in a completely different light. Something that works right from the start.
The 'zero' that he 'sta-sta-sta-starts' from is the key theme of this freestyle track and a strong link to the series itself. After all, whose story resonates with this more than Marracash's? Once totally invisible himself, the rapper, who was born to Sicilian parents and wound up in the Barona neighbourhood of Milan, discovered as a young man his superpower for rhyming like no one else. With this exceptional talent, he managed to pull himself up and make a huge impact on Italian rap music.
Italian rapper Marracash poses in a grey hoody and black jacket at Red Bull Music Studio
Marracash at Red Bull Music Studio
"My approach, both with this and the other freestyle track, was to produce something technically impressive that made the rhyme as punchy as possible," Marra explained at Red Bull Music Studios after the recording session. "For me, the Red Bull 64 Bars project is just that: a format that takes rap back to what it actually is: showing that you're better at it than others.
"I've been around a long time," he continues. "I've established myself in all types of rap. But my way of doing things remains the same: telling people about me and what surrounds me. I'm not trying to do Pulp Fiction-y things. My rap is authentic, it’s from the streets."
Marracash pulls a hoody over his face in a blue-lit music studio.
Marracash keeps it moody
In all this, a huge amount of credit goes to Marz as well. The sleek, sinuous beats sound both sensual and dangerous, like those of Scott Storch during 50 Cent's heyday. The producer and Marracash share an instinctive understanding of one another, which culminated in the success of Marra's last album, 'Persona'.
"I can't say what impact the album has had on the scene," says the rapper. "I like to think that it broke new ground in rap, but, more importantly, that it made clear to everyone that rap can be more conscious."
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