Cover art from Monster Hunter: World.

8 reasons why we need to see Monster Hunter: World on Switch

© Capcom

Capcom are definitely aware of how much we want Monster Hunter: World on Switch, but these are the reasons it needs to happen sooner rather than later.

Given the announcement of the Japanese-only Switch game Monster Hunter XX (pronounced double cross) coming to Europe and North America with the title Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, it would seem Capcom are listening to the fan demand for a Nintendo handheld version of the game that has suddenly taken off outside of its traditional territories. This is a series that’s ridiculously deep, requiring dedication and time to ensure you understand the plethora of systems and mechanics that make the game tick.

And sure, while we’re grateful we’re getting any monster hunting for our favourite Nintendo console (check out the trailer beow), this isn’t quite the game we wanted. It’s like World, sure, but missing many of the modern trappings that made the latest entry so great, and became the game that finally helped Monster Hunter catch on in the West. Here’s why we’re still desperate to hear an announcement of Capcom’s latest and greatest.

1. HD Rumble could show off the size and scale

One of the things we love about the series in general is the meticulous planning that goes into taking on the giant monsters. Ignoring early monsters like the Great Jagras, most of World’s best hunts feature large animals that instill fear when you first gaze upon them. Imagine how incredible it’d feel when the HD rumble kicks in, really giving an air of legitimacy to the fight as these hulking beasts pound the ground as they attack, or roll towards you. It could feel amazing, and add more immersion to an already deep RPG.

2. It’d be a test for Nintendo’s new online service

Monster Hunter: World’s Gathering Hub.
Get together and share a cold one with your buddies… on Switch

Recently announced, we know a bit about the price of Nintendo Switch Online and that we’ll get some multiplayer-enabled access and games, but Monster Hunter: World is a game that relies on co-op to truly showcase its best features. While Splatoon 2 is the current multiplayer showcase for the Switch, we don’t really have a huge third-party game that’s setting the online arena on fire. World would be that game, and it’d be a superb way to prove that the Switch can do online with the best of them.

3. It’s perfect for the Switch

Monster Hunter: World, fighting a monster in the rotten vale.
Imagine fighting these on the go

OK, OK, we know that phrase gets thrown around a lot, but games like Dark Souls and Monster Hunter are perfect fits for a system that lets you play on the big screen, or grab the console out of the dock and do a bit of hacking and slashing on-the-go. Tether the Switch to your mobile and you can even jump online and play with your friends at the bus stop. Seriously, farming materials from monsters is ideal for sitting and playing in handheld mode while the TV is otherwise engaged, leaving the huge, dramatic fights for when you’ve got your feet up and the big screen is glowing in a dark room as Diablos beats you for the fifth time in a row. Seriously, Diablos is a nightmare.

4. The possibilities for amiibo are endless

An Anjanath from Monster Hunter: World.
We wouldn’t say no to an Anjanath amiibo

This definitely isn’t just a case of us wanting an amiibo of The Handler, not at all. Ahem. But look, while there have been a few Monster Hunter amiibo released in Japan, it’d be a great way to get a few more for our collection with the release of World. The game is huge on PS4 and Xbox, with a PC release set to do gangbusters as well. Add the Switch to the available platforms and perhaps we can get some more Capcom/Nintendo crossover amiibo, like we did with Ryu.

5. The crossover potential is endless

On PS4, gamers have had Horizon Zero Dawn event crossovers, Devil May Cry, Mega Man, and more. Whether it’s an armour set for our avatar or something for our Palico, we're drooling over the thoughts of Nintendo-based crossovers. Imagine if you could dress up as Mario or Luigi! What about Donkey Kong? Link, Zelda, or even our personal favourite idea: Samus armour. Then again, all of that is trumped by the idea that we could fight a Monster Hunter version of Bowser himself. This alone is reason to get the game on Switch.

6. It’ll show what the Switch is truly capable of

We’ve had EA port FIFA onto the Switch, but it was missing a few key features and was running on an old engine. The truth is that we don’t truly know what Nintendo’s console is capable of, but getting Monster Hunter: World on there would absolutely prove it’s a proper competitor. The game struggles a bit on the base PS4, while the Pro version can push the frame rate higher, so there’s no doubt it’d take some work to get it running well on Switch, but it’d be worth it just to show everyone the Switch can actually run games like this.

7. It’d give Capcom a chance to fix the matchmaking setup

If there’s one thing about World that we don’t love, it’s some of the archaic ways you have to match up with friends. For example, if you haven’t played a story mission before, you have to sit through a cut-scene and get to a certain point before a friend can join. In a game built around hunting with others, it’s daft. Putting the game out on a whole new platform would be a great excuse to fix these issues and make the game even better.

8. It’d sell like hot cakes

Players team up to take on an Elder Dragon in Monster Hunter: World.
Come on, admit it, you’re already thinking about Hunting on the go

An obvious one to end on, sure, but the game is Capcom’s biggest selling in the franchise, and has actually now become the Japanese publisher’s best-selling game ever. Consider, then, that those statements are based on a game that is only currently available on PS4 and Xbox One, and then add in the popularity of the Switch right now. Frankly, if it can be done, it needs to happen: a Switch version would sell insane numbers. Make it happen, Capcom!