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Art imitates life: Poppin'C finds his flow in the moments that made him

From his first big battle to the birth of his daughter; Poppin'C uses his dance to express some of the moments that helped him become who he is today.
Written by François Graz
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Some moments in life stick with us and become a defining part of who we are. 'Four moments, four moves' is the concept behind One Life, One Dance. Led by director Redha Medjellekh, some of the Red Bull Dancers have had the opportunity to relive their special moments within their dance. Here, we join Switzerland's Poppin'C on his journey through the moments that made him.

1. The accident in his childhood bedroom

The first situation that had a profound impact on his character happened early in his childhood: "I don't remember everything exactly, as I was only two-and-a-half years old. I think I was playing with my friends and tried to copy things we'd seen on TV. Suddenly, I stumbled over a box of toys and I don't remember anything else. My mother told me, if the doctor hadn't shown up in less than 10 minutes, I might have died."
Because of this moment, Poppin'C developed a strong determination to get the most out of life: "Due to this accident happening so early, I started looking for ways to do what I love early. Life can be over at any moment. I promised myself to believe in my dreams and give them all I've got."
A photo of Poppin'C in his childhood.
Poppin‘C was a wild kid
What's the meaning of the Michael Jackson poster in the video?
"When I was a child, Michael Jackson was everything to me. He was a role model and my artistic inspiration. I remember watching all of his music videos on repeat."
Scene from One Life, One Dance with Poppin‘C.
Poppin'C with his first dance role model

2. The first big battle

"Juste Debout at Bercy means a lot to me. I first represented Switzerland on this gigantic stage when I was 17 years old. After many years, packed with competitions, I made it all the way to the final in 2016. Three years later, [dance partner] Ness and I became the world champions. That was almost a sacred moment. All the work we'd invested finally paid off."
See Poppin'C and Ness in the final of Juste Debout 2018:
Dance · 11 min
Popping Final

3. The birth of his daughter

"The birth of my daughter was the most beautiful day of my life. It's impossible to describe that blessing to someone who hasn't experienced it themselves. Since then, I do everything to ensure that my child has everything she needs in life. Her wellbeing is my priority. She is also a source of motivation that pushes me to elevate my art."
The birth of his daughter didn't only change his life, it also made Poppin'C mentally stronger: "I think I developed a lot within 10 years, because I learned discipline and determination from my father and got a real thirst for knowledge from my mother. On my travels, I always stayed curious about the world and dance. All of this combined helped me to progress fast. Nevertheless, I am still humble and work hard on my craft. Since I became a father, my mindset became even stronger and my daughter became a neverending source of energy. When I dance, I feel energised – and that's because of her."
Poppin'C and his daughter in the hospital
Poppin'C is a proud father

4. The proposal

The most recent milestone was his engagement to his partner: "In the summer of 2020 I proposed to my girlfriend. It was in Sardinia and I remember the scene exactly: we were on a cliff with a view of the sea and a wonderful sunset. She stood there, in that breathtaking scenery, with our daughter in her arms… it was a very touching moment."
"I'm happy with my life, so I can fully unfold in my passion. My wife has always supported me throughout my whole career. Whatever I do, she's got my back and gives me a lot of strength."
Poppin'C's private photo of the moment he proposed to his girlfriend in Sardinia.
Pure romance: Poppin‘Cs proposal
Want to see more of Poppin'C? Check out his Flow Control performance in the clip below:
Dance · 1 min
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