Join Madars Apse’s surreal skate spectacular

© Gaston Francisco
Written by Gaston Francsico
Vladik Scholz, Tyler Surrey, Danny Leon and Barney Page join up to skate visual anomalies in 'Perception Is An Illusion'.
The ancient visual trick of forced perspective has beguiled humanity right up into the internet age.
The optical illusion is familiar to everyone who's looked at a flat image and thought ‘is that really big, or just really close?’
Skateboarding · 11 min
Perception is an Illusion
No post-production, no after effects are required.
The entire trick is to play around with how our minds perceive depth.
Skateboarding is something in which perception is everything.
The idea to run a fun little film project with Madars Apse and friends, where we could play around with the magic of skating and old-fashioned optical illusions, required the input of many skaters to come to life.
First of all the quartet who signed up for some endless hours under the lights – Vladik Scholz, Danny Leon, Barney Page and Tyler Surrey – all gamely joined Madars on the magic carpet ride in Barcelona, as the temperatures inside and outside soared.
Pulling all the strands together were Tino Arena, Julian Lorenzo and Dani Millan on the set design, artwork and filming respectively.
Although the project is light-hearted, trying to skate and film the installations from exactly the correct angles to create the optical illusions took ages!
For the skaters involved to skate as hard as they did under those parameters is why the project sparked as nicely as it did – and so thank you once again to each of them.
Watch the behind-the-scenes clip of Perception Is An Illusion by the people who made it:
Skateboarding · 9 min
See how Perception Is An Illusion was made
If you’re interested in knowing how the skating deceptions are achieved without the use of computers, this little mini-movie above with Madars and the boys setting up some of the shots will shine a light.
Not much else to say, except hopefully you enjoy the skating on this romp through visual geometry via the energy from which it was created!