Red Bull Basement connects the next generation of innovators, who want to use their skills and creativity to solve challenges in society with the use of technology, with cutting-edge platforms of collaboration, empowerment, and exchange. Here, big ideas incubate with fresh perspectives and diverse skill sets, enabling forward-thinking solutions that leave a lasting social/environmental impact.
The Red Bull Basement Hatch, Residency, Festival, and University programs offer ground-breaking opportunities to connect with likeminded pioneers , generate creative solutions, and develop thriving projects, all while pushing the boundaries of socially driven technology. From its origins in São Paulo, Brazil, Red Bull Basement is expanding into 20+ countries committed to driving positive change through creative innovation. Creators bring their ambition, Red Bull Basement provides the tools and support to make their vision happen.

A short history of Red Bull Basement

Red Bull Basement was launched in São Paulo, Brazil in 2015 with the aim to support and enable innovators who use their tech skills to solve social and environmental problems in their city. From here the aim grew from improving life in urban centres and communities, to broader societal challenges. Red Bull Basement explores how one can use technology and modern tools to stimulate more active and conscious communities. In 2018 Red Bull Basement went global, with 20+ countries running aspects of the program including U.S.A, South Africa, Turkey, Spain and Switzerland.
Collaboration and knowledge sharing took centre stage at Red Bull Basement Festival in Istanbul in May 2018
Red Bull Basement Festival in Istanbul

Calling creatives using technology for good

Red Bull Basement is looking for hackers, makers, coders, designers, architects, creatives, engineers, developers, pretty much anyone who use their skills and knowledge in technology to solve social and environmental problems in their community, city and beyond. ‘Hacker’ is a neutral term that refers to people who are brilliantly persistent in solving technical problems through non-traditional ways and work-arounds. ‘Makers’ are DIY experts, they are hands-on people discovering new ways to solve problems by working together. They see making as personal expression that combines creativity, community and innovation. Find out more about what Red Bull Basement activities are happening in your country, or get in touch with us.