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These are the places to drop on Erangel according to PUBG pros

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Erangel is the classic map we all know and love in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, but you may be surprised where the best players in the world like to drop. Hint: It isn’t school.

For many players, Erangel is PUBG. For months it was all we had to play on, and we all sunk hundreds, if not thousands of hours into that map, learning every single area, each nook and cranny, and of course, how to play a final circle in every single position possible. Sure, Miramar gave us a bit of a break for a while, but soon we all found ourselves hoping to be back on the map we all love, playing out those strategies we spent months perfecting.

With so much time invested on the map, it’s safe to say that we've all probably landed in every major location a good few times, but there'll always be a few that we like to return to. For us, South Georgopol’s always a go-to, or maybe even Mylta, if the plane isn’t great for the first option. And of course, we’ll always mark the school regardless of what line the plane is on, and try to convince our squad mates that it’s actually a good idea (it almost never is.)

Everyone has their favourite places to land, but while we just go where we quite like, the pro players have to try and claim a location as their turf, which will hopefully turn away other teams when they play in the big events. So to find out where the best places to drop are on the original PUBG map, we spoke to some of the top players in the world to find out where they like to drop.

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It seems that we aren’t the only ones who like to drop in South Georgopol, as that suggestion popped up multiple times from the pro players. There were numerous reasons for it being popular, but the two key themes that kept coming up were that it has solid loot and it's good for early fights, which is what the pro players want when playing in matchmaking.

“If I’m solo, I love to drop Georgopol South because it’s the same, you have plenty of buildings with good loot. Fights, too,” said Yoan ‘Shadow1k’ Lingard from Team Vitality.

This mix makes it a perfect place to drop, as you have a lot of loot to play with, a lot of cover to move between and a lot of enemies to take out, improving your skill and making that win even sweeter when you have a big kill total.

But Georgopol wasn’t the only option, Mylta got a mention, which we think was a little underrepresented. It’s often fairly quiet, but it's bigger than it looks and it almost always has enough to kit out a full squad with AR’s and level twos.

Then we also had Dustin ‘Frolicer’ Halbert from Cloud9 say that he likes to drop in the smaller compounds away from key locations, as it almost always guarantees a good weapon at the start, and means you can safely navigate into the mid game without having to worry about anyone landing with you. We initially thought he was crazy, but the more we think about it, the more it sounds like an easy way to multiple top 10 finishes.

Then of course there was the one answer that everyone knew was coming. The Method players said Pochinki, because as anyone who has ever watched pro PUBG knows, Method always drops Pochinki.

“Method drop Pochinki all the time because it’s free, no contest,” says Harry ‘LaytoN’ Layton from Method. After months of always dropping in Pochinki and often coming out on top, Method have now claimed it as their own. They're so feared in that location, no other teams dare drop there unless they feel they have to, which shows that learning one part of the map incredibly well can always play in your favour.

There were also a few shouts for the military base, but in recent months we've seen a shift away from the south island from the top teams. It’s now seen as more of a risk and is no longer swarmed by loads of players in every game.

“Two months ago, I prefered Military,” says Matthieu ‘mOnKeY’ Ribiere. “But now Military has become too random for the stuff, so I prefer Georgopol.”

So there you have it, South Georgopol, Pochinki and random compounds that are away from all the early game fighting seem to be the areas where the pros like to drop. Of course this all depends on the plane and where the rest of the 99 other players decide to go, but you usually can’t go wrong with somewhere that has good loot and a lot of vehicle spawns. Just remember to stay away from school: none of the pros mentioned it, so you should probably avoid it too.