A screenshot of the map Consulate from Rainbow Six Siege

The pros reveal their most-loved map in Rainbow Six Siege

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Each map in Rainbow Six Siege has some positives and negatives – except Favela of course. We quizzed the pros to find out which is the best out of all of them.

Rainbow Six Siege has undergone a lot of changes since its launch way back in late 2015. In fact, the game that launched back then is almost unrecognisable now in many ways. With four new content drops each year, the size of the game has also grown with new operators and new maps.

There are now so many maps that the competitive map pool excludes many classic ones, focusing on just a select few that work well at the highest level of play. Even the iconic House map that was used to reveal the game all those years ago has been removed from pro play.

With so many maps to choose from, we spoke to the pros at the Six Invitational and asked which is their favourite out of all of them – and what they'd do to make it even better.

Oregon gets a lot of love from the pro players, which is no surprise as it’s one of the most picked – and banned – maps because almost every team feels quite comfortable playing it. And that shows, as many of the pros are a little stumped for ideas to improve it.

As Etienne ‘Magnet’ Rousseau mentions, one area that could be changed is the downstairs site for defenders, as the meta there has become a little stale. If you defend that site then there’s really only one way to set up, and it purposely comes down to attacker execution and who wins their fights. Even just changing some angles and moving some scenery around could improve this.

Another map that gets a bit of love is Consulate, one of the classic Rainbow Six maps that will surely be familiar to anyone who has played more than a few matches. The map is considered to be one of the best in the pool by pretty much everyone, and as Juhani ‘Kantoraketti’ Toivonen from ENCE says for him it's pretty much perfect and doesn’t need to be changed.

Tristan ‘RaNger’ Pherson from Rouge also says Consulate is his favourite, partly because it plays out so well for the fans watching the action. The viability of all the sites means that there’s rarely a match where every round is in the same part of the map, something that does happen on others. The only real way he would improve it would be to mess with the admin office area upstairs, to make that a little more viable to attack in other ways than rappelling.

Finally, Alex ‘z1ronic’ Dalgaard-Hansen, who is well-known for being one of the most knowledgeable people in the scene when it comes to maps, says that Clubhouse is the best. He’d improve it by connecting the two sites above, and fiddling with a few hatches, but other than that it’s in a pretty good place.

While almost all of the Pro League maps are viable and have their strengths, Oregon, Consulate and Clubhouse are the ones that seem to be the most popular with the best players in the world. But with new maps, and map reworks, coming throughout this year, their answers could soon change.