Cristobal de Col sunset snap

Watch Cristobal de Col rip through pumping Peru

The Peruvian pro shows us why he's one of South America's best surfers.

It's been a solid year for one of Peru's best surfers, Cristobal de Col. Before he took off from home for the latest round of 'QS contests around the world, Cristobal teamed up with the boys from Wataska to put together this edit for one of our newest video series, RAW, which features quick, pumping edits from Red Bull team riders and other red-hot pros. 

In the interview below, we talked with Cristobal about the making of this edit, his plans for making the World Tour and his favourite surf trips.. Check it out:

What was your favourite session from this RAW edit?

Cabo Blanco. There's a wave in the video with a late take off and late entry on a very glassy morning. This wave is 15 minutes from my house, up north in Peru, where all the perfect lefts are! This wave only breaks during the summer, so it's super special. 

How’s winter been in Peru this year? Have you traveled anywhere else?

The winter has been good – slow start but the last couple of swells have been official. I'm back in competition now, doing the 'QS tour, and I've made the events in Chile and France my first contests of the year. 

You obviously travel a lot, but what if you had to do a non-surfing trip? Where would it be?

My favourite non-surfing destination is Cusco – you just get an amazing feeling there with the mountains and other scenery.

Cristobal de Col
Cristobal de Col© Trent Mitchell/Red Bull Content Pool

Okay, let’s jump back on tour. What is your favourite place to go on a surf trip outside of Peru?

Besides home, it's Hawaii. I like the way Hawaii challenges you. The ocean gives you the opportunity to explore your potential to the max.

2017 is coming up quick. What are your contest plans? Is the World Tour in your near future?

I will push as hard as I can. Next year I'll be competing on the entire 'QS tour, and I am getting ready for it.

What stop on the World Tour would you most like to compete at?

I would love to compete in Fiji. I've never been there and can't wait to surf those waves.

Written by Andrew Lewis