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Get an edge in FIFA 21 with these pro gamer FUT tips

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Want some pointers for getting ahead in FIFA 21’s FIFA Ultimate Team? Look no further because RBLZ Gaming’s Gaucho10 has you covered.
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Being good at FIFA doesn’t mean you stay good at FIFA. With every new iteration of the incredible sim series bringing its own tweaks and nuances for players to get their heads (and fingers) around, the ability to adapt to these updates separates the top players from the chasing pack.
FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) brings with it an array of ever-changing stats, Icons and Chemistry Styles that have to be mastered if you’re to grace FUT Champions. With this in mind, we caught up with Richard ‘Gaucho10’ Hormes, a veteran player tearing it up with RBLZ Gaming who, alongside team-mates Umut Gültekin, and Anders Vejrgang, went on an incredible run of 90 wins and zero defeats in 2020.
So where better to get some tips on how to get an edge in FUT 21? Here Gaucho10 runs us through his transfer choices, favoured Chemistry Styles and his pick of the FUT Icons in FIFA 21.


Seeing a new player turn out for your club and scoring chance after chance is an almost unmatched joy in FUT 21.
So, when you’re just starting out on your FUT journey, what’s the best position to focus on when making your marquee signing? After all, being porous at the back is just as damaging as being profligate in front of goal.
For Gaucho10, there are two positions that should immediately make a difference to your team (provided recruitment is right, of course). He says, “CM and strikers are the most game-changing positions in FUT.”
That these are two relatively attacking positions should come as no surprise, given the source. When asked to describe his playstyle, Gaucho10 is emphatic: “I love to have possession and to play attacking FIFA – to score goals!”
Having had the time to sculpt his FUT team in his image, we asked Gaucho10 for a wish-fulfillment signing – who would he recommend if coins were no object? Again there was no doubt, as he explains, “Ruud Gullit is my star and the best player in the game.”
The moustachioed midfield maestro may be a surprising choice given the wealth of superstars – both current and legendary – in the game, but a quick glance at the Dutchman’s astonishing card tells you all you need to know. As for other Icons to look out for, Gaucho10 also highlights Eusébio as an incredible signing, if you have the resources to make it happen.
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Gaucho10 helps you get to the next level in FUT 21
But if you’re looking at your transfer budget and discovering that these Icons are beyond your means, Gaucho10 has a tip: “Look for meta players, which are not that expensive and try to build triangles so that the players are full of chemistry. [Lukas] Klostermann, [Konrad] Laimer and [Nordi] Mukiele, for example.”
As for the underrated stats that players should look into when making a signing, Gaucho10 explains that balance and agility are important as they ensure the player has very good dribbling.
Finally, we asked for his pick for an under-the-radar player who could add something special. Gaucho10 duly obliges: “The Alessandrini Flashback is an amazing card.”

Formation and Chemistry

Winning games in FUT isn’t all about personnel. Clashes between teams stacked with world-beating talent and those with more modest squads aren’t foregone conclusions, with the changes to the metagame, formations, chemistry and skill all playing their part in levelling the playing field.
Gaucho10 says he found that the meta made him use skill moves more often and to play faster. But how would he recommend players go about building Chemistry early on? “Premier League and French nations are the easiest to build with,” he reveals.
As for formation, it’s surprising to learn that Gaucho10 favours something quite so old-school in its associations. No false nines, overlapping centre backs, or fluid three/five at the back. According to Gaucho10, “the best formation is the 4-4-2 this year.”
That said, it’s unlikely a player like Gaucho10 would be as successful as he is without being adaptable in his tactics. For every top player, a plan B must be in place if your initial set-up isn’t working. “If I need to change something I use Team Press and let my full backs join the attack," he says. "If I need to hold the lead, I change to 4-5-1 and overplay the press with long balls.”
As for Chemistry styles, Gaucho10 singles out Engine, because “it makes the player more agile. I also like to use Shadow and Hunter.”
So, you should now be armed with all you need to get an edge on FUT 21. And if you manage a 90-game winning streak, don’t forget to give us and Gaucho10 a shout-out.