Meet the teams battling it out for victory

The line-up for the Red Bull Campus Clutch World Final is here and wow

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25,000 students, 400 events, 50 competing countries, but only one team can win. Meet the players heading to Madrid for the final of Red Bull Campus Clutch.
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The world’s biggest Valorant university tournament has found its 2021 global finalists. After an epic series of Final Knockout rounds in June, 12 teams have earned their spot at the Red Bull Campus Clutch World Final. If the last few months are anything to go by, expect plenty of edge-of-your-seat moments and heart-racing plays as the teams battle for victory.
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Red Bull Campus Clutch World Final knockout round highlights
The Red Bull Campus Clutch finalists will be packing their bags and heading to Madrid, with the event running across Saturday, July 17 and Sunday, July 18. On the first day, finalists will be split into two groups, playing best-of-one in a round-robin format to determine who bags a place in the semi-finals. The next day, the semi-finals and final will see the ultimate champion crowned – taking home €20,000 and with an exclusive chance to attend the Valorant Masters.
All the Red Bull Campus Clutch matches will be broadcast live on the official Red Bull Twitch and YouTube channels, so fans around the world can get a slice of the action
So, who are the global finalists with a shot at the Valorant crown? Get to know them here.

Platoon (Belarus)

Some Platoon players have never competed in an esports tournament of this size but the team’s talent is obvious. Made up of law, economics and engineering students from universities across Belarus, Platoon put in a dominant performance at the Red Bull Campus Clutch World Final Knockout Round, where they beat Sweden to bag a ticket to Madrid.
For many – and even for themselves – Belarus’ win against Sweden, where competitive esports is more established, came as a shock. But Platoon has been assured at every stage of the competition and are determined to put their team and their country firmly on the esports map.

PXL ESports (Belgium)

Students from across Belgium will be representing their country in Spain as PXL ESports prepare to face down their fellow finalists. Though the team has a mixed level of competitive gaming experience, the group of computer science, IT, business and social work students are united by their resolve and competitiveness. "Whatever region comes, we will beat them in the World Final," says PXL ESports member LDP.
The team’s confidence is backed up by their performances. In the National Qualifiers and Final they beat out 55 teams with their strategic plays. They also overcame a tough Italian team, going to a full best of three, in the World Final Knockout Round.

BTR (Canada)

BTR are a formidable team and one to watch out for in the World Final. The team has strong competitive experience with two pro players, alongside top Canadian collegiate players, with the team coming together specifically for this tournament.
The group of engineering, business, production, aviation and recreational therapy students will be looking to repeat their performances across the National Qualifiers and Final, where they competed against 90 teams, as well as in the Knockout Round where they fought hard against their US opponent. Taking each match as it comes has been key to BTR’s winning streak, as team member truo explains: "Honestly, when we first began this, we had zero expectations but we put in the time and now we’re going to Madrid, Spain!”

Anubis (Egypt)

The secret to the Egyptian team’s success? Team chemistry. Anubis may be made up of computer science, commerce, engineering and mechatronics students from a number of universities but they have played together every day for almost a year and their team dynamic is hard to match.
Anubis saw off 45 teams in their National Qualifiers and Final before reaching the World Final Knockout Round where their team captain Mohamed ‘Shalaby’ Abdelaziz awed spectators with a masterful display of gaming, achieving 17 First Bloods and the openings his team needed to win.

Mama’s Boys (New Zealand)

An image of Team Mama’s Boys who will be competing in the Red Bull Campus Clutch World Final in Madrid, Spain.
Meet the New Zealand team battling it out for victory
“Click heads, frag out, clutch up, win the tournament.” The Mama’s Boys team strategy may be only nine words but it’s certainly been a winning one. The group of engineering, economics, law and business students from the University of Auckland and Victoria University may have only formed right before the tournament but they’ve been storming the competition.
Quickly progressing through the National Qualifiers and Final, Mama’s Boys took out Australia in the Final Knockout Round with a 2-0 victory and a 12-round winning streak. The team are eagerly looking forward to facing other nations in Madrid and experiencing “a great opportunity to be able to play against pros and compare our region against the best in the world".

MAXD (Pakistan)

MAXD are esports pros – literally. The Pakistan team is very experienced in competitive gaming, with three of its team members representing their country at the World Electronic Sports Games in China in 2018. Formed a mere 21 days before the announcement of Red Bull Campus Clutch, the group of arts students from universities across Pakistan will be a tough team to take down.
MAXD competed against 60 teams in their National Qualifiers and Final before reaching the Final Knockout Round, where they clinched a confident 2-0 victory against India’s Villainous team to win the South Asian regional finals. They’ll be looking to replicate this result on an even bigger stage at the World Final.

Cataclysm (Peru)

An image of team Cataclysm
Meet the Peruvian battling it out for victory
Cataclysm are filling in for the LATAM regional winners: Odin e Amigos, from Brazil, who decided to forfeit the event. Made up of design, business, marketing and engineering students from universities across the country, Cataclysm already know how to deliver under pressure, having seen off 74 other Peruvian teams to become National Final winners and secure their spot at the World Final.
As the country’s most talented team, they will now face the top student Valorant players from across the world. This will be the first time the students will experience a professional gaming tournament, travelling to Madrid to play against 11 other National Final winners hailing from across the world, but the crew are more than ready for the challenge.

Project S (Portugal)

Project S dominated a strong UK team to earn their ticket to Spain and be crowned Europe West’s victors. The team comprises students from a range of disciplines – data science, engineering and IT – and have impressed throughout the competition.
Red Bull Campus Clutch is the first competitive tournament for some Project S players, whereas others have been gaming competitively for a while. In fact, team member jannyXD has previously reached the Top 50 at a Fortnite World Cup Qualifier. But their talent has shone through and Project S are a team to keep an eye on.

VAC Kimchi (South Korea)

High on the priority list for VAC Kimchi? A BBQ party – after winning the tournament.
East Asia’s winning team was formed specifically for Campus Clutch and the business, engineering and media students have never met in real life. For some players, this is the first time they've competed in an esports tournament of this scale, while others have competed in events such as the Valorant Champions Tour.
VAC Kimchi battled 10 teams in their National Qualifiers and Final before reaching the Final Knockout Round. There, they took on a determined Philippines team in a tense stand-off but ultimately finished them off to claim victory and a place at the World Final.


An image of SPAIN.DLL in action in the Red Bull Campus Clutch tournament.
SPAIN.DLL fought 54 teams during the National Qualifiers and Final
Every team is hungry to win but Spain’s SPAIN.DLL are also here to enjoy the tournament and flex their gaming muscles against the best. When team member DRK was asked about what he’s most excited for, he explained it’s the chance to “compete with [his] teammates, win the award and leave [their] country well represented. But above all enjoy the competition".
SPAIN.DLL is made up of engineering students from universities across Spain and includes three pro players and two players with strong competitive gaming experience. The team fought 54 teams in their National Qualifiers and Final, with their in-depth Valorant knowledge and team chemistry setting them apart and bagging them a ticket to the World Final.

Bedel Ödeyenler (Turkey)

An image of team Bedel Ödeyenler who will compete in the Red Bull Campus Clutch World Final in Madrid, Spain.
The Turkish team are one of the favourites for the title
Bedel Ödeyenler are the tournament’s favourites and Turkey was by far the most competitive qualification region we saw in Red Bull Campus Clutch. Bedel Ödeyenler had to rise above more than 1,600 teams in order to secure themselves a place at the World Final.
Turkey’s team is made up of trade, aviation, engineering and travel students from İzmir Dokuz Eylül University and is stacked with skills from top to bottom. They’re a team of pro gamers who collectively have competed in Valorant Masters and World Championships, as part of professional teams. A fearsome group to go up against, they’re looking to make their mark.

Bay Area Vandals (USA)

An image of team Bay Area Vandals who will compete in the Red Bull Campus Clutch World Final in Madrid, Spain.
Bay Area Vandals faced fierce competition from 529 teams
Bay Area Vandals' players all go to the same university, but they only met in person when they were competing together at the Red Bull Campus Clutch U.S.A. National Final.
The team of business, IT, mathematics and engineering students has a mixed level of competitive gaming experience but that didn’t stop them seeing off fierce competition from 529 teams across their National Qualifiers and Final. Keen to go toe-to-toe with the world’s best student players, team member Teddy says he’s most excited to have “the chance to test [their] abilities against other regions and compare [their] playstyles".
There you have it – the Red Bull Campus Clutch World Finalists who have each fought tooth and nail to win their place in Madrid. Who will emerge victorious? We won’t be waiting long to find out.