A team of Red Bull Can You Make It? adventure-seekers
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What character traits do you need to succeed at Red Bull Can You Make It?

It takes a certain something to cross Europe using only cans of Red Bull as currency – but for those who have it, the adventure of a lifetime awaits. These traits can turn teams into trailblazers.
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As Red Bull Can You Make It? launches a new edition for 2024, hopefuls from around the world are submitting their application videos. But what does it really take to cross Europe in just seven days without the use of cash, credit cards or even your mobile phone?
Three-person teams from over 60 countries will find out in May, and if you’re aiming to be among them, here’s the lowdown on characteristics that can take you far.
You can learn more about Red Bull Can You Make It? 2024 – and apply – right here.


You can do a lot of things on a Red Bull Can You Make It? adventure, but planning isn’t one of them. The chosen teams won’t know which of the five Starting Points (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Budapest, Copenhagen, Milan) they’ll be assigned to until a few days before they head out, let alone what will happen at any given moment on the way to the finish in Berlin. So, being spontaneous and flexible – even ingenious – is key.

Team-player attitude

You’re going to be rolling with your two team-mates from start to finish, and no matter how close you are already, you’re bound to discover things about them that you never realised. Get to know each other’s strengths and leverage them.
Red Bull Can You Make It? teammates celebrate a milestone.

There's nothing quite like the challenge of crossing a continent together

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Charm, charm, charm

How will you and your team-mates convince perfect strangers to give you everything you need – food, transportation, a place to sleep – with only cans of Red Bull to trade? By firing up your irresistibly magnetic personality, of course! You might be amazed at what a full-on (but sincere) charm offensive can produce; in the past team-mates were treated to adventures they never expected, like a chance to go parachuting or luxuriate in a five-star hotel.

An appetite for challenges

In this event, it’s not about who gets to the finish line in Berlin first: it’s about the experiences along the way, and that’s why two of the three criteria for climbing the leaderboard are challenges. You’ll take on Checkpoint Challenges at designated locations, plus Adventure Challenges that you can fit in anywhere on the journey. The more challenges you tick off, the more points you score.

A passion for storytelling

While you’re stockpiling those experiences, you’ll also be sharing them with people around the world through vlogs that you create. During the event week, your team will have a dedicated space on www.redbullcanyoumakeit.com that showcases your vlogs, so go all out and make the most of it. You’ll not only be entertaining your followers, but vlogging is the third criterion for earning points.
Red Bull Can You Make It? teams share their experiences with the world

Red Bull Can You Make It? teams share their experiences with the world

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A sense of fun

Perhaps the most important characteristic of all is a deep-down sense of fun. The most successful Red Bull Can You Make It? teams tend not to take themselves too seriously, and it’s that fun-loving nature that engages the people they meet, as well as their followers online. Besides, the whole point of having an adventure is to enjoy it!
A team in costume barters for an air-taxi ride in France while participating in Red Bull Can You Make It? on April 13, 2018.

A team from the 2018 edition bartered for an air-taxi ride in style

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Want to know about the application window for Red Bull Can You Make It? It varies by country, so if you’re an adventure-seeker, be sure to check out the deadline for your location.

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