The crowd decides who wins at Red Bull Dance Your Style
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Get to know Red Bull Dance Your Style’s National Final winners

The Red Bull Dance Your Style season is in full swing, with competition places filling up. Here’s a list of who’s qualified so far.
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Red Bull Dance Your Style

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The battle is on. Red Bull Dance Your Style is back, and the top street dancers from over 30 countries are wowing crowds and going head to head in 50 events for a chance to etch their name on the world stage on December 4, 2021, in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Learn about all the national champions right here…

Kieran Lai, UK, Hip-Hop

Kieran Lai performs at the Red Bull Dance Your Style National Final 2019.
Kieran Lai won Red Bull Dance Your Style Challenge in 2020
London-based hip-hop dancer Kieran Lai has displayed his skills everywhere from the semi-finals of UK TV competition Britain's Got Talent to West End musical & Juliet. He even danced as part of Zoo Youth performance company in front of Michelle Obama during the 2012 Summer Games.
Mainly self-taught, Kieran Lai started dancing after being fixated by YouTube clips of his greatest creative inspirations like a Korean body popper and French dance icon Salah.
In 2020 he won the Red Bull Dance Your Style Tik Tok Challenge and secured his spot for 2021.

Hamad, Egypt, Popping

Winner shot of Hamad at Red Bull Dance Your Style in Egypt.
Hamad is the champion of Red Bull Dance Your Style Egypt
Hamad Ibrahim is a 26-year-old Filipino-born popper based in Cairo, Egypt. Surrounded by a rich cultural upbringing, Hamad started dancing at 16 years old. He's super musical and skilled in a mix of hip-hop styles, but popping is his expertise.
Over the past decade, he's racked up a list of battle wins in Egypt, such as becoming a semi-finalist on Arabs Got Talent in 2013 and also appeared in numerous TV interviews discussing his movement skills. As an instructor, his experimental and creative choreography makes his workshops high in demand.

Doktor Akay Üstünel, Turkey, Hip-Hop

Dr. Akay Ustunel wins the Red Bull Dance Your Style in Istanbul, Turkey on July 4, 2021
Doktor Akay Üstünel won Red Bull Dance Your Style Turkey
Akay Üstünel started dancing in 2009 as a result of his strong passion and respect for hip-hop culture. In under three years after stepping into the studio and making it to the semi-finals in his first-ever battle, he danced in national commercials and jumped on concert stages with Turkish artists worldwide.
He's since appeared in several music videos as a lead dancer and choreographer as well as TV series and films. When he's not battling, Akay is a movement director and instructor at Elements of Dance Company and founder of Satisfunktion Crew.

Ricky, Japan, Popping/Animation

Ricky celebrates during the Red Bull Dance Your Style Japan Final in Fukuoka, Japan on July 17, 2021.
Ricky won Red Bull Dance Your Style Japan
Ricky learned his craft from American soldiers who came to his hometown of Okinawa – one of those soldiers showed him a video of french popper Salah, and the rest is history.
At 14 years old, Ricky started dancing and honing his skills in popping, funk, musicality and animation. After that, he made the jump to Osaka. With 17 years of experience behind him in 2021, he's since clocked numerous solo battle wins and as a crew member of pop/animation teams EPOCH, EXmatic and Prankster. He's performed worldwide and currently divides his time away from the dance floor as an instructor, judge and father.

Jaekwon, Austria, Locking/Popping

Jaekwon celebrating at the Red Bull Dance Your Style 2021 in Vienna, Austria on July 31st, 2021
Jaekwon won Red Bull Dance Your Style Austria
Salzburg-based locker and popper Jaekwon delivered an electrifying battle to claim his place in South Africa. But his performance prowess shouldn't come as a surprise. He learned his chops at London's Breakin Convention and has worked as a choreographer and performer globally. He's a member of the crew Fusion Lockers.
Jaekwon strengthened the dexterity of his skill set by learning from OG's like Storm and by taking university lectures in dance and theatre education, stage direction and staging, along with Japanese traditions, folk dance and martial arts.

Sifer, Spain, Popping

Sifer poses for a portrait as winner of the National Final of Red Bull Dance Your Style in Valencia, Spain, on August 7, 2021.
Sifer won Red Bull Dance Your Style Spain
Sifer put his birthplace, the Canary Islands, on the map when he was crowned Spain's best dancer at the Red Bull Dance Your Style National Final. His charisma and flow have already seen him carve out a name in Madrid and Barcelona, and he's started working his way across the world.
Sifer has trained in all hip-hop styles and has already chalked up a string of national championship wins. He's passionate about music and would like to pursue that more outside of being a dance instructor, as a member of Calima Team and Man Of Steel Crew. He's also the founder/creator of popping training program Sifer Cypher Formacion, which offers classes, battles and workshops.

Satanel, Romania, Hip-Hop

Satanel & MC Oase poses for a portrait as winner of the National Final of Red Bull Dance Your Style in Bucharest, Romania on August 12th, 2021.
Satanel won Red Bull Dance Your Style Romania
Satanel is a force to be reckoned with. Her Instagram shows the multi-skilled Romania dancer tackling everything from a skateboard to guitar to graffiti. Not only was it a dream of hers to compete at the Red Bull Dance Your Style National Final and have her mother and father in the audience, but she also promised that if she won, it would be a present for her grandma's 78th birthday!

Mams, Switzerland, Hip-Hop

Mams poses for a portrait at the Red Bull Dance Your Style Qualification at Place de l Europe in Lausanne, Switzerland on September 04 2021
Mams won Red Bull Dance Your Style Switzerland
Swiss hip-hop dancer and choreographer Romand Mamadou Kalombo, aka 'Mams', fuses dancehall and krump into his multi-disciplined style, among other genres. Since starting out as a dancer, Mams has battled in numerous dance competitions, but qualifying for a spot in the Dance Your Style World finals and being crowned the Swiss champ is the furthest he’s ever made it in a competition.
Mams is also the founder of the dance school Studio Leszarts based in Vevey, Switzerland, and at the Red Bull Dance Your Style Switzerland qualifier had to battle against one of his students for the first time to take the title. Outside of battling, performing and choreography for everything from theatre to music videos, Mams is a coach and dancer on freestyle crew Mal Au Crâne and Concept Compagnie.

Silvio, Portugal, Popping

Silvio posing with his trophy after winning at Red Bull Dance Your Style 2021 Finals in Lisbon, Portugal on September 04, 2021.
Silvio won Red Bull Dance Your Style Portugal
Silvio is a Portuguese popper, multi-genre artist and teacher. This will be his first time competing in the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Finals and he was extremely proud to win.
He’s passionate and most inspired by the people around him and expresses his gratitude to everyone who supported his come up as well as champions all his potential opponents. As an extremely dedicated and core member of JKBX Crew (Jukebox Crew) and earlier this year collectively created a freestyle dance camp called ReBoot.
When he’s not in the studio or in a cypher you can catch Silvio’s skills as a top tier gamer swiping out people across the globe on Twitch

Chrissy Chour, Taiwan, Waacking

Chrissy Chou wins the Red Bull Dance Your Style in Taipei, Taiwan on September 4th, 2021.
Chrissy Chou wins Red Bull Dance Your Style Taiwan
All eyes are on Taiwanese waacker Chrissy Chou in a cypher. The smooth, rhythmic waacker mixes in hip hop, dancehall, reggae, and contemporary movement into her waacking to create a highly original and alluring style.
This may be Chrissy’s first Red Bull Dance Your Style but she’s no stranger to battles. Over the past decade, she’s won a string of titles including making it to the top 8 in Taiwan’s 2014 World Cup Final dance competition. She’s also been a judge and is in high demand across Asia as a performer on various television shows.

Toby Deedaran, Denmark, Hip-Hop

Winner Toby Deedaran celebrating during Red Bull Dance Your Style in Copenhagen, Denmark on September 4, 2021
Toby Dedaaran won Red Bull Dance Your Style Denmark
Hip-hop dancer Toby Deedaran has danced since childhood. He began working as a professional in Copenhagen, Denmark, after completing his education at Flow Dance Academy.
He's known both for his choreography-based dance videos and his participation in the freestyle and battle environment. As a dancer, he's worked with everyone from Adidas to the world-famous choreographer Parris Goebel. His workshops and classes are packed out and bring a long list of fans across Scandinavia and Europe.

Blayke, Nigeria, Popping

Blayke, Winner at Red Bull Dance Your Style in Bay Root, Landmark Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria on September 11, 2021.
Blayke won Red Bull Dance Your Style Nigeria
Blayke claimed the title of best freestyle dancer in Nigeria when triumphing in Lagos. This will be his first time battling in the Red Bull Dance Your Style Pre-Finals and he'll be bringing plenty of fire to his performances.
A multi-genre dancer that mixes in krump, hip-hop and alternative styles with his popping, Blayke is super athletic as well and hungry to compete and wow the crowd.

Luke, Malta, Hip-Hop

Luke Mizzi poses with the Red Bull Dance Your Style Malta trophy on September 10, 2021 in Rabat, Malta.
Luke is the winner of Red Bull Dance Your Style Malta
Maltese hip-hop dancer Luke Mizzi is on a high. Not only is he the winner of Red Dance You Style Malta, but he’s also heading to the world final of Red Bull Dance Your Style for the first time ever.
In the past, Luke has worked as a dance coach at Sport Malta and is currently a crew member/choreographer and dancer for Concept of Movement. Away from the dancefloor, he has a Bachelor of Arts but is now studying for a Masters degree in Theatre Studies at the University of Malta alongside flexing his pen game as a content writer for Malta Daily.

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The National Finals of Red Bull Dance Your Style are happening right now – come back to this page to see who’s qualifying for the big event.
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