Everything you need to know about Red Bull Free Skiing

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Not sure when you’ll be hitting the piste next? Check out the Red Bull Free Skiing mobile game instead – here’s how to get started.
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While nothing can quite compete with death-defying runs on glorious alpine passes, Red Bull Free Skiing makes a great attempt, replicating your favourite skiing destinations and throwing in the incredible tricks you wish you could pull off in real life.
You’ll still get to enjoy the mountains, but with Red Bull Free Skiing you can also pull off some dream moves, assemble a team and take part in competitive skiing events. All from the touchscreen in your pocket. Here’s how to jump in.

Where can I download Red Bull Free Skiing?

Red Bull Free Skiing is available to download for the Apple iPhone here and for Android phones here for free.
A screenshot from Red Bull Free Skiing
Getting to grips with the Red Bull Free Skiing tutorial

How do I start?

Getting to grips with Red Bull Free Skiing really couldn’t be easier, thanks to a comprehensive tutorial that pops up the first few times you play. From working out the basics, such as carrying out a simple turn when jumping, to navigating different options, like viewing your skier’s stats or upgrading to make them better, everything you need to know is covered.

What does a game of Red Bull Free Skiing include?

Start a run in Red Bull Free Skiing and you’ll be given a mission. It may be something as simple as flipping upside down, or jumping a chalet or it may be something a whole lot tougher. You’ll be given a score to beat, making sure you’re on it from the very start of the run.
Carrying out the sickest tricks is just for starters, however, as Red Bull Free Skiing also offers other options, like downhill racing, where speed is the name of the game. The very first skier you start off with is only capable of carrying out tricks, but once you unlock new athletes, you’ll also unlock new modes, including skiers who can race through gates or even pick their own lines down the piste.
A screenshot from Red Bull Free Skiing
Hitting the piste in Red Bull Free Skiing

How do I choose different skiers?

As you progress through the game you’ll be able to pick different skiers, and as with real life they bring different skills to the party. It’s easy to see what your skier is capable of, thanks to a stats card that shows just how good each competitor is when it comes to speed, turning, landing, spinning and tricks. Perform well during games and you’ll get the opportunity to upgrade your player, increasing their stats and making it possible to carry out sweet new tricks.
Switching to another skier doesn’t mean you’ll have to say goodbye to your previous skier, as Red Bull Free Skiing makes it easy to build a team where you can easily swap skiers depending on which events you want to enter.

How do I actually control my skier?

You’ll be told what to do when you start playing Red Bull Free Skiing, but just in case you forget the basics, swiping to the left or right will help your skier to turn and carve up the piste. Hold either side when you’re in the air and you’ll be able to turn mid-jump. Swiping up or down makes you flip and holding will also make your skier continue to spin in the air, although as with real life it’s all about timing – get it wrong and you’ll take a tumble or lose out on points.
Either way you’ll be just fine, as there’s a training programme to complete before you head out onto the piste proper.
A screenshot from Red Bull Free Skiing
Checking out the stats

What about rewards?

The better you perform, the more cash you can collect to use in-game, buying slick new gear for your team. It’s not just about looking the part though; better gear also results in better skills and higher scores, giving you more chance of finishing a competition on the podium and winning even better rewards in future events. You’ll also be able to collect boxes, which offer different rewards, from gear for your skier, to coins you can spend on upgrades such as new skis for improved performance and more technical tricks.

How do competitions work in Red Bull Free Skiing?

You’re not on your own in Red Bull Free Skiing, either, with the ability to compete against other people in online contests. Different competitions pop up throughout the day, lasting for several hours, so keep your eye open for an event that best suits your skills.
Download Red Bull Free Skiing for the Apple iPhone and for Android phones now.