Thomas Genon at Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, Utah, USA on 25 October, 2019.
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Want to know more about Red Bull Rampage 2021? Step right up

Red Bull Rampage is the biggest, gnarliest event that marks the climax of every mountain biking contest season. If you don't know what it’s all about – here’s a helpful guide to the 2021 event.
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What is Red Bull Rampage? Well it's a freeride mountain bike event held in Utah, USA, where the best mountain bike athletes in the world try to make it down frightening mountainsides and ridges in one piece. At the same time, they must impress a judging panel by doing seemingly unimaginable tricks and carving a line down the mountain. It's the most spectacular event to participate in as a mountain biker – and if you're lucky, to watch on site as a spectator.
The 2021 edition of Rampage marks the 20th anniversary for the event and it'll be the 15th time it's run. For 2021, the action takes place on October 15.

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What is Red Bull Rampage?

Ever wondered what Red Bull Rampage is? Here's everything you need to know about the ultimate freeride event.


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Where and when can I watch Red Bull Rampage

Don't worry if you can't get to Utah to watch Red Bull Rampage in person, as Red Bull TV has you covered with a live broadcast of finals day. Tune in from 5pm UTC on October 15. Broadcast will be available on Red Bull TV in the following languages: English, Brazilian, French, LatAm Spanish, Russian, Italian, Polish, German.

Red Bull Rampage 20-year anniversary

Watch the 20th-anniversary event as riders chase the most coveted title in freeride mountain biking.


Why should I watch?

Red Bull Rampage is a competition that goes beyond sporting borders. It's the ultimate action sports competition, where a rider’s skill, mental fortitude and physical capacity on a mountain bike is tested. The event shows us what can be done on two wheels and inspires us all to think bigger and push the limits of bike riding.
To get an idea of what Red Bull Rampage is all about, watch the Red Bull Signature Series episode from the 2019 event below:

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Red Bull Rampage

Red Bull Rampage is the biggest test of courage, skill and creativity in mountain biking.

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Where is Rampage held?

Rampage gets held near the little town of Virgin in Utah. The mountains on which the event takes place are generally changed every few years. This is to give the riders a blank canvas to start afresh and ultimately carve out new lines from nothing.
The terrain the athletes ride on is dry sandstone dirt, while the mountainsides are characterised by cliffs and near-vertical chutes.
Tom van Steenbergen competes at Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, Utah, USA on 25 October, 2019.
Rampage in a nutshell. Riding a trick off a cliff into a vertical chute

Tell us more about the 2021 location for Rampage

For 2021, the event will be returning to the site of the 2016/17 event. It's steep, raw, and exposed, with a true big mountain top section that sometimes gets overlooked by the man-made features built below. The start itself has no easy way off, with mandatory drops on both riders’ left and right, each with exposed cliffs on either side. In past competitions, both the riders’ left feature (the Goblin) and the riders’ right feature (the Knoblin) were built by individual athletes, thus being claimed and deemed off limits for others to ride as part of the unofficial diggers code of conduct.
To get a rider's perspective, watch Carson Storch's course preview of his Red Bull Rampage 2021 line below:

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Course preview with Carson Storch

See the course from a first-person perspective as Carson Storch takes us down some of his nail-biting lines.


This year, the event crew will build out the landings of both those features, opening access for anyone to ride those zones along with additional terrain on the riders’ left side of the mountain. The added changes will open up even more terrain and options for the riders than ever before.

Here are the rules of competition

The rules are pretty simple – ride down a mountain to the bottom of it, in one piece, in as spectacular a way as possible. The mountain doesn't have a natural route down, so athletes have to transverse it and jump across sections to find a way down. The athletes have to determine a line down the mountain that best suits their style. You may see athletes perform tricks on their lines or simply show off technical riding skill on their way down.
A competitor rides down a vertical chute at an edition of Red Bull Rampage.
Taking things easy at Rampage is simply not an option
There's no timing in Red Bull Rampage and it isn't a race against the clock. On finals day, riders get two race runs to ride their lines down to the bottom of the mountain. They're judged on those lines by a panel of judges and receive a score at the end of it. The athlete with the highest scored run wins the event. If there's a tie, the rider with the highest score of the two runs added together wins.

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Judging at Red Bull Rampage

Chris Lawrence explains the criteria the judges will use when judging riders at Red Bull Rampage


What's involved in finding a line down a Rampage mountain?

The riders can choose their own different lines down the mountain. When arriving at the Red Bull Rampage site before the event begins, the athletes will scope out the mountain for a route down. Nothing is manicured for them, however, on what's a rugged mountainside with many imperfections. So the athletes spend just under a week leading up to the event digging and shaping lines/jumps on the mountain to make their ride down as smooth as possible.
A rider is allowed a team of two mates to help him dig, but isn’t allowed any power tools or external material, except for sand bags. Generally there are three days of just digging at Rampage and an additional four days for the riders to get on their bikes to test lines and jumps. In those latter four days, they can continue to dig and reshape lines. Sometimes athletes join together to share the lines they'll use in competition and so can pool their digging resources together.

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Constructing lines in Utah

Szymon Godziek, Thomas Genon, Jaxson Riddle and more get busy constructing the perfect lines in Virgin, Utah.



Who's crazy enough to compete?

Red Bull Rampage attracts athletes from all over the MTB spectrum. Freeriders, downhillers and slopestylers all want to be part of the toughest mountain bike event of the year. A roster of riders usually form the starting list of a Red Bull Rampage event. Most of these are invited riders. Some are pre-qualified from the previous year’s competition and some are new, exciting wildcards. The 2021 event features a rider list of 15.
This is the 2021 list of athletes:

Previous winners of Red Bull Rampage:

Notable on the roll call of winners are two legendary mountain bike athletes in Brandon Semenuk and Kurt Sorge. Both are three-time winners. Kyle Strait has won it twice.




Wade Simmons


Tyler Klassen


Cedric Gracia


Kyle Strait


Brandon Semenuk


Cam Zink


Kurt Sorge


Kyle Strait


Andreu Lacondeguy


Kurt Sorge


Brandon Semenuk


Kurt Sorge


Brett Rheeder


Brandon Semenuk

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