Become a Rookie


Please read the INSTRUCTIONS and this section covering the procedure to make sure you fully understand the program.

We will consider very carefully whether we believe that the Rookies Cup 2022 is the best option for you in our opinion. To help us evaluate this, we need to know quite a few things about you, your background and experience. We will then send out invitations to the 2022 Selection Event.

Even if you are not invited to join the Rookies Cup 2022 Selection Event, you will have placed yourself on the Rookies Cup Radar.

Once you have understood the Instructions, fill in the online Application Form below and sign the waiver of liability (found in the instructions document).

Throughout this year we will learn more about you and follow your motorcycling development. You will need to provide us with details of the races and championships you are competing in this season, allowing us to follow the progress you are making. Your race and championship results should be scanned and emailed to the Cup coordinator (email in INSTRUCTIONS PDF).

Be aware: we are not only interested in dedicated road racers, those who ride dirt bikes may also be developing the riding skills that translate into success on tarmac.

The Application Deadline is August 17th - There will be early invitations for those who come from far away as long as they apply early.

Current estimated date for the Selection Event - 31st of August until 2nd of September 2021

Join Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup

Fill in the APPLICATION FORM with your details as a start to join us.