Bas airs the giant quarter
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Sebastian "Bas" Keep: Quarter Master

Bas goes bigger than ever before in his latest BMX edit.
Written by Rajiv Desai
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BMX · 4 min
Bas Keep quarter pipe action clip
When Sebastian "Bas" Keep started on his Quarter Master project he had just one aim; he wanted to go bigger on dirt than he had ever been before.
Bas found the owners of the Revolution Bike Park in Wales receptive to his plan of building a huge 26ft dirt quarter pipe within their grounds. The idea to build the quarter pipe came to Bas around five years ago when he approached Red Bull with a simple sketch drawn on a piece of paper.
Fellow Brits, BMX rider Kye Forte and mountain bike legend Dan Atherton, helped turn Bas’ idea of the 26ft quarter pipe into reality. Both have considerable experience of building dirt jumps and were all too happy to help in this project.
Once the four month build was completed, Bas couldn’t wait to ride the quarter pipe and invited Ben Hennon and Ruben Alcantara to join him to ride the beast to see how big they could all go.