Leon Jamaer tosses a one-handed back loop

The top 10 moves from Red Bull Storm Chase past

Big waves and huge jumps. See the best moves from the last storm-sailing battle. Bonus crash reel!

Let's get something out there right away: storm sailing on the level of the upcoming Red Bull Storm Chase is nothing like regular windsurfing. The first challenge is simply to get the board and rig to the water, the second challenge is to sail, and the third challenge is to get it all back in one piece.

Pulling off mind-bending manoeuvres with massive amplitude? That's another thing entirely. But somehow, some way, these guys managed to land quite a few – and we've collected the highlights in one video which you simply have to see. Watch above.

If you're wondering how we ranked these, we'll be totally honest: it's (almost) 100 percent subjective. Sure, some moves are trickier than others – for instance, the pushloop-forward (sometimes referred to as the 'rewind') is only regularly executed by the best windsurfers in the world. But you've also got to give points for pure height and wow factor or risky decisions – like hitting the lip for a big aerial. Hit it too late, and it hits you. (See the crash reel below for further clarification.)

And how does this play into a strategy for winning? Well, as it goes with storm sailing, it's a situation-dependent decision – you make the most of the conditions on hand. "If the surf is XXXL," says Kai Lenny, "I'll rely on my Jaws experience to help me out!"

Others – like Thomas Traversa, a storm-sailing aficionado – are hoping for high wind and big air for jumps like the one below.

Thomas Traversa in training 

But of course, you're not going to get incredible moves without incredible wipeouts – and we've got plenty of those. And before you ask, yes – there was broken gear.

See the craziest crashes 

Loved all that? Then get even more during the next Red Bull Storm Chase. The waiting period starts January 9, 2017, and when the first Force 10 storm hits, the battle is on.

Written by Josh Sampiero