Don’t settle for anything but The Crew 2’s best vehicles
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The best, beefiest and most beautiful vehicles in The Crew 2

Drive fast, perform crazy stunts and look good in our favourites of The Crew 2’s vehicles.
Written by John Robertson
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With The Crew 2 offering so many vehicle types to choose from, and funds taking more work than similar games to earn, you want to make sure that you’re selecting the right car, plane, bike or boat for you.
You might want something slick and fast, something flashy and grand, or something adventurous and dangerous. We like all of these options and we want you to experience all of them, too, which is why we’ve come up a list of our favourite vehicles in The Crew 2.
From off-road bikes to stunt planes and drag racers, taking the time to ride each of the following machines is a great way to see what The Crew 2 has to offer.

Ferrari F40

The most beautiful car ever made. It’s not up for debate. It’s official. It’s the most beautiful. If you don’t have one of these in your The Crew 2 garage then you’re not winning any prizes for appearance.
Luckily, the F40 is also a bit of a performer on the track. With a top speed of over 200mph you won’t be found wanting for overtaking opportunities and, while it can be difficult to bring under control at first, its handling is surprisingly reactive for a car featuring so much oomph.

Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)

A screenshot of The Crew 2’s Nissan Skyline
Dominate the night in the Nissan Skyline
Japanese manufacturers have mastered the art of hiding high-performance beasts in unassuming shells and the Nissan Skyline is the greatest example of this. When it comes to drag racing your mind might immediately drift towards the world of American muscle, but overlooking the Skyline is a sin.
Plus, thanks to the way Nissan has designed its iconic head and brake lights, there’s not a car in this game (or any) that looks better at night. Cruising down the neon-soaked strip of Las Vegas or through the glare of New York’s Times Square are spectacles made for the Skyline.

Abarth 500 Monster Truck

Big things made small are cute, small things made big are cuter. There’s no greater evidence of exactly that than turning an Abarth 500 into a monster truck.
There’s nothing quite like turning onto Santa Monica boulevard, perched on top of 10 feet high tyres inside a cockpit better suited to hosting a child than an adult. If you don’t have a monster truck then you won’t be able to take on the most extreme of The Crew 2’s extreme stunt tracks and there’s no more striking option than the Abarth 500.

Ford Focus RS RX

A screenshot of the Ford Focus RS RX from The Crew 2
You’ll need a car for the dirt roads as well as the tarmac
You’re going to need at least one rally car to take advantage of the dirt tracks that snake around the Grand Canyon, or to thrash through the forest of the Pacific Northwest, and the Focus RS RX is the connoisseur's choice.
Its blend of precise steering and best-in-class acceleration fits perfectly within a handling model that prioritises the promotion of excitement over pure simulation. Once you get to grips with the Focus RS RX you’ll find it difficult to switch to anything else.

Bee Gee R-1

There are a number of planes to choose from, but the Bee Gee R-1 is your best choice if you’re seeking something that stands out from the crowd. Its squat, compressed body sets it apart from the more traditional design schemes, while its shorter wingspan makes it look as though it would struggle to fly at all.
Bear in mind that this is primarily a stunt plane, so use it for loops, spins and flying upside down, as opposed to a vehicle for carrying you on those long coast-to-coast voyages.

Proto Leopard

A screenshot of the Proto Leopard boat from The Crew 2
Dominate the swamps and the mangroves in the Leopard
The Proto Leopard is not the fastest boat in the game, but it's the most fun. Nothing you can take to the water in The Crew 2 comes close in terms of turning circle or being able to perform audacious leaps off ramps.
As with the rest of the Jetsprint class of boats, the Leopard can feel daunting to control when you first attempt to pilot it. It’s incredibly twitchy and that means you’ve quite a high chance of hitting into walls or trees during your opening races, but it’s a vehicle that’s worth persisting with given that it offers such a unique driving experience compared to anything else on offer here.

BMW R1200GS Adventure

A screenshot of the BMW Adventure bike from The Crew 2
For the open country you need a bike
Bigger and more robust than the dirt bikes, but more responsive and adaptable than the Harley Davidson’s, BMW’s R1200GS is our favourite option when it comes to touring the open expanses of The Crew 2’s recreation of the American wilds.
Journeying through the south west of the country, through Monument Valley and onto Southern California is a joy on the back of the BMW, the scenery seeming to change dramatically as day turns to night.
Riding the R1200GS on these long, diverse outings proves that there’s more to The Crew 2 than just races and stunts.

Red Bull RB13

A screenshot of The Crew 2’s Red Bull RB13
Try something different with the RB13
Now for something a little different. The Crew 2 has a vast array of vehicles to sample – some of which are truly mind blowing – but the RB13 is the icing on the cake. It’s not often that you get to see a fully-licensed F1 car freed from its tracks and rampaging across the American landscape, but that’s exactly what The Crew 2 delivers. The RB13 is unsurprisingly rapid, but the true joy is in hearing the (brilliantly captured) sounds of an F1 car out of context, from the scream of the engine to the way the tyres sound on the tarmac. Fish out of water, perhaps, but it’s still quite a catch.