Drew Bezanson at Joyride 150.
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Watch Bezanson’s journey to Joyride begin

The Canadian BMX rider kicks off his journey into the world of slopestyle in The Learning Curve.
Written by Geoff Padmore & Charlie Grinnell
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The Learning Curve - Episode 1

Watch part one of BMX rider Drew Bezanson's quest to compete in the Red Bull Joyride MTB contest.

In episode one of The Learning Curve with Drew Bezanson, we catch up with him a few months after his release of Uncontainable.
Still riding the high from the success of the film and his own sense of accomplishment, Drew begins looking towards the next challenge – slopestyle mountain biking – and coming to terms with the uphill battle he’ll face if he wants to shred slopestyle with the best of them. 
Watch the first episode of The Learning Curve in the player above.
Usually at most contests you can block out what’s going on around you, but at Red Bull Joyride? You just can’t. It’s like a roaring river of fans the whole way down the course.
Drew Bezanson
Tune in next Monday when Drew gets his first taste of slopestyle competition a trip to Crankworx Rotorua.
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