Marcus Kleveland pulled the first quad cork ever landed in a competition at the X Games 2017 in Aspen, CO.

How did Marcus pull off the world’s hardest trick?

© Christian Pondella

Explore what it took for Marcus Kleveland to become the first person to pull off the fabled Quad Cork in competition, in episode three of This Is Marcus.

In episode one of This is Marcus, we saw how far Marcus Kleveland's talent has brought him from the typical life of a teenager in a small, remote Norwegian town. In episode two we then got a glimpse of the mental attitude needed to not only become the best, but to be an innovator. In this, the third and final episode of the series, it's time to unpack Kleveland's journey to stomping the Quad Cork, a trick that’s so difficult that only three other riders – Billy Morgan, Max Parrot and Yuki Kadono – have landed one.

With four full flips and five rotations, just a few years ago the Quad was considered virtually impossible. But that's the nature of progression for you: start with the possible and work your way up from there. Kleveland did it by mastering Double Corks aged 11, Triple Corks at 13 and then his first Quad Cork aged just 16. A year later he became the first rider ever to pull one in competition.

It's one thing to talk about doing the near impossible, but another to strap in, drop in and fly off a huge jump into unknown territory. The physical risks are huge and the mental challenge is even bigger.

There was so much time and effort, and worrying that went into it that when it came to doing it, it was almost a reliefBilly Morgan, on landing the first-ever Quad Cork

Once Billy Morgan had thrown the first Quad, a path was opened that others could follow. Kleveland pulled his Quad Cork soon after – no doubt frustrated that Morgan had beaten him to it. What comes next? Pulling the Quad on exactly the right jump in the right conditions was one milestone, but doing it in a contest environment was another. This became his new goal, and as you'll see in this new episode, Kleveland achieved it at Winter X Games 2017, aged 17.

Which all leads us to wonder, what will he do next?

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