Travel Tech: Three for the Road
Three fairly invaluable items that can fit in your carry-on, while traveling on a surf-journey.
Written by Teddy Ward
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Ian Walsh in action at Red Bull Minor Threat 2011
Ian Walsh in action at Red Bull Minor Threat 2011
There’s nothing much better in this world than taking a nice, long surf trip to some exotic locale. Besides maybe the waves when you finally get there. But even the time between surf sessions has its magic, although one of the bummers about traveling for an extended period, is lugging all that gear around. It can be hard to decipher what to bring and what to jettison. Maybe you just really want to bring that new Fleet Foxes album on vinyl because, maybe — just maybe — someone might have a record player in Sumbawa. (All your friends at home do!) But lo, an item like that can be left in your room. Here, however, are three items, that can easily fit into your carry-on pack and may save you in the long run.
1) Solar charger: Brands such as Powertraveller make excellent, even waterproof solar chargers that can charge ipads, iphones, ipods, GPS, cameras and more with just a few hours of sunlight. Perfect for when you’re on a beach in the middle of nowhere and a device needs some juice. Or, knock on wood, for an emergency situation.
2) Portable speaker: Now this one, of course, is a luxury item, but at the same time is kinda crucial. In short, music starts a party, or at the least attracts people that are attracted to your musical tastes. Hell, relationships are born from this attraction, even if they’re fleeting, travel ones. A little music from some speakers takes the edge off the night’s serious silence, and if you can get some new friends in a foreign land dancing — that’s a trip well-traveled.
3) Ear plugs: Ironically, for when someone’s music, at an inopportune hour, is just too loud to sleep through. Believe it or not, ear plugs are an absolutely essential travel item. They can help you catch some Zs through the drone of a jetliner, the clatter of a train, the voluminous engine of a boat motor, even through drunk partiers in a thin-walled hostel room. And you need those precious Zs so you can shred the next morning.