Puerto Escondido, deceptively friendly

See the biggest swell of the year in Mexico

Triumphs, tribulations and really big barrels as Puerto Escondido’s Mexi-Pipe goes XXL.

Hawaii’s Pipeline is the wave by which all others waves are measured. It’s statistically the deadliest wave on Earth and reputably the most intimidating. Pipeline is one of a kind, but just barely.

Mexico’s Puerto Escondido is nicknamed the Mexi-Pipe and for good reason. The wave throws with more intensity than an actual grenade. It has stolen the lives of many dedicated watermen. It’s a volatile, sometimes unpredictable sandbar and most big wave pros will tell you it’s more challenging than Pipe.

On July 5 and 6, the swell of the year smashed right into Puerto and we were there to capture it. Here’s an edit of some of the world’s most daring men surfing Pipeline’s Latino cousin.

Written by Brian Roddy