Clubbers pack inside the B018 nightclub in Beirut, Lebanon
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Dive into Beirut’s electronic club scene

Join us as we meet the people and explore the venues that keep things kicking in the Lebanese city.
Written by Glen Ferris
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Discover the people and places that keep Beirut jumping to the sound of electronic music.

Countless column inches have been dedicated to nightlife in New York, London, Berlin, Miami et al. But what about the less travelled destinations, where clubs offer disparate cultures a chance to come together and enjoy incredible music?
With that in mind, we took flight to Beirut, Lebanon, to explore one of the most dedicated electronic scenes on the planet.
For the exclusive short film Underground Beirut, we visited the city's most popular clubs, discovered the scene's history and found out how everything started.
From BO18 (Beirut's most legendary club, which started out as a bomb shelter during the war) to Uberhaus (the self-proclaimed 'all-dancing and all-punching social-faux-pas of this city's nightscape') via the globally respected likes of The Grand Factory and Hyte Beirut, this Underground Beirut shows how the city's diverse cultures and creeds all party together at night.
Watch Underground Beirut in the player above.
A clubber enjoys the music in the B018 nightclub in Beirut, Lebanon

B018 in Beirut, Lebanon

© Carl Halal / Red Bull Content Pool

Discover more about the music features in Underground Beirut - E TYEN, Satori and Unders featuring Veerle.
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