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Red Bull Wingfinder is a personality assessment that focuses on your strengths, the things that you’re naturally inclined to be good at, and gives you the tools and coaching to be even better.

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Randstad Italy partners with Red Bull Wingfinder in your selection process to provide you with an accurate personality assessment that focuses on your strengths, the things that you’re naturally inclined to be good at, and gives you the tools and coaching to be even better. The assessment test was developed by Red Bull together with an expert team of psychology professors from University College London and Columbia University in New York.

I didn’t expect all the challenges I had to face... it was a learning curve, but I started to find a place for myself.

Carissa Moore, Professional Surfer, 5X World Surf League Champion

Wingfinder is an integral part of the selection process for positions Randstad is seeking. After completing the assessment, your results will be shared with Randstad, who will use this report, and other information you have provided, to match your profile to the most suitable positions.

Wingfinder will send you a full report of your strengths with personalized feedback. You will also benefit from the experience of some of the world’s best athletes and entrepreneurs who share the same strengths as you. You can discover how they leverage their strengths in their career and learn how they manage potential pitfalls.

Wingfinder individua i tuoi punti di forza attraverso quattro aree determinati per il successo professionale

Wingfinder is based on 30 years of psychological research, carried out across thousands of scientific studies and analyses that clearly point to four areas, more influential than any others, as components of employability and career success for knowledge-based jobs. Each individual is unique and as such possesses different passions, strengths, weaknesses, talents and goals. Knowing your strengths, understanding how to best leverage them and what areas to watch out for allows you to grow, improve and achieve professional success.

This partnership allows Red Bull Wingfinder to give your career wings and Randstad to help people and companies realize their true potential.

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Connections measures how you manage relationships and how you manage yourself.


Creativity measures how you adapt, create alternatives and seek out novel information or experiences.


Thinking looks at your ability to reason abstractly and solve complex problems.


Drive measures your motivation, ambition and self-discipline towards pursing goals and handling setbacks.

A proposito di Randstad:

Randstad is the Dutch multinational active since 1960 in the search, selection, training of Human Resources and job administration. Present in 38 countries with 4,826 branches and 38,820 employees for a total turnover that reached 23.8 billion euros in 2018 - it is the world's leading agency in HR services. Present in Italy since 1999, RANDSTAD now has over 2000 employees and 300 branches nationwide. RANDSTAD is the first Employment Agency in Italy to have obtained the SA8000 (Social Accountability 8000) and GEEIS (Gender Equality European & International Standard) certifications on "equal opportunities". For further information:

Give wings to your career.

Red Bull Wingfinder is an accurate, free personality assessment that focuses on your strengths.

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