Watch the world's best snowboard movies now on Red Bull TV

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Written by Jason Horton & Marion Schmitz
Whatever the season, here's the inspiration you want for your first riding session.
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Here’s our pick of the 15 best snowboard movies you can watch on Red Bull TV right now:

1. Travis Rice - The Art of Flight

If you’ve already seen this, you’ll know why we think it’s time you watched it again. If you haven’t, get ready for Travis Rice and friends to blow your mind with what’s widely regarded as the greatest snowboarding movie ever made!
Skiing · 1 h 17 min
The Art of Flight

2. Pirate Movie Production - Stronger

With a line-up of riders including Travis Rice, Kazu Kokubo, Gigi Rüf, and Scott Stevens, the Union Bindings team is incredible, and this, their team movie, is probably the greatest team movie ever made.
Skiing · 48 min

3. Victor De Le Rue - Frozen Mind

Some say he’s the new Travis Rice – others say he’s even better. One thing is for sure, Victor de le Rue takes Rice’s backcountry freestyle skills and adds a solid dash of mountaineering and steep snowboarding into the mix, hallmark of his legendary older brother, Xavier de le Rue. After an incredible big screen debut in Rice’s Fourth Phase, Victor returns to his spiritual home Chamonix, to test his limits. The result is breathtaking, both in terms of cinematography and riding – a must-watch for every steep skiing aficionado who wants to watch the future of big-mountain riding – today.
Skiing · 33 min
Frozen Mind

4. Nitro Snowboards - 28 Winters

1990 was an amazing time to be a snowboarder: genuinely fresh and rebellious, tweaks were never more tweaked, 360s were considered cutting edge, and Nitro Snowboards was the hottest new snowboard company on the block. 28 winters later, Nitro Snowboards are older, wiser and still one of the best brands in snowboarding, with a team of legends, superstars and youngbloods that’s second to none. This is their story.
Skiing · 50 min
28 Winters

5. Pirate Movie Production - Perceptions

Twelve years after Gigi Rüf and his motley crew launched into the world of snowboard movies, the Pirate Crew delivered their greatest work to date: Perceptions. Stunning cinematography, incredible locations and an epic cast of riders makes Perceptions an absolute classic of the genre.
Skiing · 49 min

6. Nitro Snowboards - Offline

Life’s too short not to live it in the real world, so here’s a dare: turn off your phone, ditch the laptop, and head out into the mountains. Hang with your friends, ride pow, ride slush, have fun. Live the real deal instead of dreaming about it – that’s the theme of Offline. Nitro’s new team movie has an incredible cast – with Eero Ettala, Sam Taxwood, Austin Smith, Sven Thorgren, Elias Elhardt, Griffin Siebert, Torgeir Bergrem, and Marcus Kleveland headlining, there’s no shortage of inspiration to get offline, and onto the mountain.
Skiing · 46 min

7. Mark McMorris - Unbroken

After coming back from a heavy broken femur sustained during a Big Air in Los Angeles, Mark McMorris’s glorious career took another shocking turn for the worse in 2017 when he hit a tree, mid air, in the Canadian backcountry. 11 months after what would have ended the career, if not life of lesser mortals, Mark was back, and winning the Bronze medal in Pyeongchang. Unbroken is the kind of true story you couldn’t make up if you tried, and it’s finally available on Red Bull TV. Prepare to be glued to the edge of your seat.
Skiing · 45 min

8. Method Magazine - Method Movie 3

If you already know Method Magazine, Europe’s most hardcore and longest running shred gospel, then you’ll already have a good idea of what to expect with their first full length snowboard flick. It features only the raddest underground riders and the gnarliest rails and booters.
Skiing · 34 min
Method Movie 3

9. Pirate Movie Production - As The Crow Flies

Talk about a dream duo: Gigi Rüf and Elias Elhardt are two of the best all-mountain freestylers on the planet, and in this classic flick from Pirate Movie Productions, the two come together to deliver round after amazing round of powerhouse shredding. From spooky lines through an ancient mountain ghost town to unforgettable action in the ultimate proving ground of Alaska, buckle up and let Gigi and Elias take you on an unforgettable journey… As The Crow Flies.
Skiing · 32 min
As the Crow Flies

10. Teton Gravity Research - Ode to Muir

When big mountain legend Jeremy Jones says that this is “unquestionably the most important film I’ve ever made”, every powder hound on the planet should prick up their ears. And although TGR delivers their usual brew of amazing action and stunning cinematography, at its heart, Ode to Muir is the story of America’s original environmentalist, and the wilderness he fought to preserve. A seven-day split boarding expedition deep into the high Sierra terrain of the John Muir wilderness, this is a film that’s as thoughtful as it is beautiful.
Skiing · 58 min
Ode to Muir: The High Sierra

11. Full Moon - The All-Female Snowboarding Movie

During the past few years, women’s snowboarding has been progressing at an exponential rate, with top riders like Anna Gasser hitting new heights of riding. In Full Moon, today’s top female pros pay homage to the female stars who inspired them as young shredders – all while destroying some epic backcountry terrain along the way.
Skiing · 44 min
Full Moon

12. Eero Ettala - Ender

The career of Eero Ettala career spans two decades and he's always pushing the limits of the sport. Part retrospective, part full-throttle action, the Finnish freestyle pioneer final film project looks at what it means to live in pursuit of the coveted final spot in a snowboard movie – the Ender.
Skiing · 1 h 16 min

13. Pirate Movie Production - Follow Your Nose

Gigi Rüf and Elias Elhardt are two of the greatest European riders of all time. They share a passion for travel, adventure and the finer points of big mountain freestyle. In Follow Your Nose, these two superlative shredders come together to do what they do best – turn riding mountains into a high-velocity art form. PS: if you liked this, you’ll love As The Crow Flies!
Skiing · 21 min
Follow Your Nose

14. Nitro Snowboards - Boom!

Not only does Nitro Snowboards have one of the most talented teams in the sport, everyone’s in it for all the right reasons – namely, having fun. It stars the likes of Elias Elhardt, Eero Ettala, Marcus Kleveland and Victor De Le Rue and delivers the perfect balance of good times, friendship, and mind-blowing action.
Skiing · 38 min

15. Richard Permin & Victor De Le Rue - Sweet & Sour

Are Victor de Le Rue and Richard Permin the best double act to come out of France since Daft Punk? Forget the old ski vs. snowboarder rivalry: in Sweet & Sour, two of the hottest big mountain riders in the world come together, against the odds, to shred the steepest, deepest, most perfectly formed gnar in the world.
Ski Touring · 44 min
Sweet & Sour