A photo of Sébastien "Ceb" Debs raising the trophy at the ESL One Stockholm Major 2022
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Here's how OG punched their ticket to the PGL Arlington Major

ESL Stockholm Major winners OG entered the DPC WEU 2022 Tour 3: Division 1 feeling hopeful and came out inside the top three. We take a look at their achievements in the competition.
Written by Miri Teixeira
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The Dota Pro Circuit WEU 2021-22 Tour 3: Division 1 has been as dramatic as you might expect. Six teams from Division 1 of the previous tour and two from Division 2 came together for a single round-robin, best-of-three competition that decided the Dota 2 champions of West Europe.
In an extremely tense competition that sees the top four teams go through to the PGL Arlington Major, the top six teams stay in Division 1 and the bottom two teams relegated to Division 2, each team has a lot riding on their performance. The Tour kicked-off back in June, with ESL One Stockholm Major winners OG facing off against Tundra Esports, Team Liquid, Entity, Team Secret, Gaimin Gladiators, Goodsquad and Alliance.
After a solid performance culminating in an explosive tie-breaker match, OG came third overall, qualifying for the PGL Arlington Major and making their fans proud in the process. From a triumphant win on day one, here's how OG smashed their way into the top three with five clear wins against some of Europe's best teams.

Right out of the gate

OG came into the competition with a clear sense of purpose and their strength as a team was clearly shown in the day one match against the formidable Team Secret. Allowing the game to get off to a gentle start, the two teams rallied neck-and-neck for a while, until OG stepped-in around 37 minutes to close things off. OG took Roshan on the first map, which quickly spiralled into a first win for the team.
Map two was different. OG went on the offensive, taking no prisoners and attacking Team Secret head-on. One-by-one, Secret's team members were all picked off, which proved to be the final straw, allowing OG to march to victory. Looking at their performance in the rest of the competition, Team Secret were no pushovers, so this first win was a true testament to OG's abilities.

Bouncing back

Although OG suffered a loss at the hands of Tundra Esports on day two, there's no shame in losing to the eventual winners of the competition. OG held their own as long as they could, but Tundra ultimately took the victory. Four days later and OG were up again, this time against Entity. Clearly having regrouped and strengthened their resolve, in that trademark resilient OG way this third game was different right from the start.
OG took first blood in map one and continued to build steady pressure on their opponent, gradually taking the gold lead. For such a steady game, it ended in a dramatic turn of events when the two teams began to fight near the enemy base, with OG wiping out the competition in a few tight skirmishes. Map two was a little more straightforward for OG, who carried the lead for most of the game and came out on top with a significant gold advantage, a Roshan under their belt and a retreating Entity.

Strength to strength

From there, OG looked stronger with each game. Their third match was against Gaimin Gladiators, who had some strong picks, but were nevertheless overcome by OG's might. OG returned to their tried-and-tested steady approach, farming the map until a last-minute strike on their opponents. The second game looked a little more hopeful for GG, who began to cause some trouble, but OG quickly smashed them back down and took their second win of the day.
The next day put OG and Goonsquad head-to-head in a fairly straightforward win for OG. Their opponents showed some strength in the first game, but conceded the second with relatively little difficulty. Next up was Alliance and the game that would decide OG's fate.

Onwards and upwards

Alliance and OG have had some periods where the two seemed similarly matched, but these days it seems OG has a significant edge with their young squad and tight team tactics. In the first game, OG made up for a short kill lead with plenty of gold farming, getting themselves 6k net worth by 15 minutes in. In the end, this was what cemented the win and Alliance had no way back once OG started to close in on them.
Game two was a tighter match, as Alliance gained an early lead. OG quickly jumped in and seemed hyperfocused on every mistake made by Alliance, turning each move into something that benefitted the team. However hard Alliance tried, OG was always there waiting for a slip-up and they took the win comfortably after 30 minutes.

Next steps

This win against Alliance meant that OG automatically qualified for the upcoming Arlington Major and after an exciting tiebreaker with Team Liquid, OG confirmed a comfortable third place in the DPC WEU 2021-22 Tour 3. Their next matches will see them safely staying in Division 1 for the foreseeable future and may continue their reign as the most awarded Dota 2 team in the world.