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33 жылдан астам уақыт өтті, бізде әлі жасырынатын ештеңе жоқ. Егер сізде сұрақ туындаса, бізде жауап бар. Төменде бірнеше сұрақтар мен жауаптарды табыңыз.

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Does Red Bull produce CO₂ emissions in transport?

At Red Bull, we constantly reduce emissions by optimising transport and product cycles.

The compact and lightweight aluminium can is a key factor in reducing CO₂ during transport, packaging and storage.

The aluminium can is up to 30% more CO₂-efficient than PET containers and even up to 40% more CO₂-efficient than glass bottles during transport. In addition, we prefer climate-friendly modes of transport whenever possible.