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33 жылдан астам уақыт өтті, бізде әлі жасырынатын ештеңе жоқ. Егер сізде сұрақ туындаса, бізде жауап бар. Төменде бірнеше сұрақтар мен жауаптарды табыңыз.

How does Red Bull ensure that it uses resources sustainably?

Water is the most important natural resource in the production process. Its highest quality is essential for Red Bull. We therefore use sustainably pumped water from the Austrian and Swiss Alps for our products.

At Red Bull, we are aware of the impact of climate change on global resources, and we know how important it is to use water responsibly. For us, this includes the regular control of our water sources and the optimisation of our use of water – for example, by preventing water loss or sustainably returning it to the water cycle.